Getting organised

I don’t really have much time for this Second Life but I’m thinking about it so much…so, best to get organised, have a goal each time. So, here’s a tentative list:

  • shoes (black high heels please)
  • hair (keep it dark but can i see some options?)
  • skins (yep!)
  • cigarettes (I’ve given up in First Life but now’s my chance to restart the old love affair with Mr Winston soft pack)
  • a tall gin and tonic (easy on the tonic, lime not lemon)
  • i’m sure there’s more..
  • …make some friends…yes, that’s the one
  • tweak the template of this blog (yeah, right) or get a new one
  • pair of dark glasses (Velvet Underground style)

And, I found out a bit more about Disco Dan (see entry below).  He’s what they call a ‘Griefer‘, basically a stupid person that goes around harassing people.  Looks like he pushed my off that balcony, man, what a dickhead.

~ by catrin23 on November 21, 2006.

5 Responses to “Getting organised”

  1. Hi there – I might be able to help with a couple of those. As for shoes, the best shoe store in SL is “Shiny Things” by Fallingwater Cellardoor. She has AMAZING shoes. They are kind of expensive..but worth it. Hair.. There are many megastores with millions of hair styles that would take you hours to go through (ETD, Gurl6, Panache, etc), but several of them offer free or very cheap hair for newbies. Gurl6 offers a free hair for anyone that is 4 weeks old or less. ETD offers 10L hair. What kind of hair are you looking for? Long? Short? Braided? Curly? Straight?
    Tete a Pied offers a free skin for newbies that is pretty great, and their regular skins are fantastic as well. As for cigarettes, I bought some when I was a newbie but I haven’t used them. They seem rather complicated (lots of stuff to attach).
    Also, for newbies I suggest the “Gnubie” Store (Indigo 201, 62) which has a lot of free or cheap stuff from fantastic designers, The Free Dove (Gallii 113, 53) and New Citizens Plaza (Kuula 54, 175). All three have tons of free stuff and the last has classes where you can learn about sorting your inventory (VERY important!) and basic building, etc.
    If you want to go shopping, IM me anytime. I’ve only been in SL for a little over a month, but it feels like years!
    Goodwillstacy Stindberg
    goodwillstacy at gmail dot com

  2. oops I just saw that you have been to the free dove – sorry! definitely check out Gnubie, then. 🙂

  3. Hello Goodwillstacy, thanks for your comments and suggestions, I’ll check them all out, there’s so much (fun) stuff to do! And I’ll most definitively drop you an email so we can arrange a shopping date.

  4. HI Caterin! Glad you are having fun in SL. Velvet Underground sunglasses sound very cool! I am a fan of them!! I agree with Stacy about Gurl6. They have such a great selection of hair. You are sure to find something you like! But be careful…hair addiction is a very real problem for people like me in SL. I love buying hair-it’s such a rush!! : )

  5. A club where they play the VU, that is what I so want. Perhaps I could go as Nico! But then wouldn’t everyone be doing just that. Perhaps I’d go as Mo Tucker, she was cooler than Nico anyway.

    Hair, hair, hair, the anticipation is driving me nuts! 😉

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