Chat, chat, chat

So, I entered 2L for a quick session last night.  I had planned to follow my to-do list and either try-out some of the other clothes in my inventory or visit Sarah’s (and thanks to the ever-reliable Natalia for the tip) to source some more freebie gear.

But I never made it to Sarah’s; I didn’t even make it past the newbie-heaven place from where I always seem to start.  As soon as I arrived I had a seemingly never ending series of chats with half a dozen boys and a couple of gals.

On chap expressed his ‘interest’ in me (heh, heh), another asked if I could ‘show him around’ as if I was a veteran tour-guide or something.  I let them both down gently, hmmmm.

I then started to chatting to a girl I liked, I offered friendship but she disappeared without replying, oh well.  Just after that a friendship invite came from Mixie Market, asking to be my pal.  Sure, I okayed that and readied myself for some girl-talk, and she fled!  What’s that all about then?  I can’t see the point in making-friends just because you can. I need a reason to befriend someone, a shared interest, an intriguing personality, intelligence, character…that kind of thing.

This also happened on my first time here, Frieda Sidetrack (or something) beamed her friendship intentions over to me, I accepted and she flew off, why bother?

I did make friends with another person on that first day, she’s been on 2L a while and has some interesting entries in her personal details, I’ll try and make contact with her again one day.

My red dress was great fun, every-now-and-again it would billow-out to twice its size, threatening to engulf every newbie in the area.  I don’t wear this kind of clothing in my First Life and that’s why I’m enjoying myself so much in 2L.  I can go around and try out (and on) all kinds of things. I don’t dress in a particularly feminine style in 1L but here in 2L this is what I want to do.  It’s so much fun!

Anyway, it was getting late, and like Cinders in her ball gown I quitted 2L and went to bed.

~ by catrin23 on November 22, 2006.

2 Responses to “Chat, chat, chat”

  1. HI Catrin! I have found that it is easier to find friends you have stuff in common with when you search for events that interest you. My second night in SL, I was looking for events and I found a Led Zeppelin night at a club! I love LZ so I went and had a blast with all these other LZ fans! I made some friends that night that I still have now. There are also lots of people though that throw friendship around randomly but that’s ok. You’ll have them on your list if you need help or have questions.
    I know what you mean about the clothes in SL. I have this amazing pair of black vinyl thigh-high boots!! I love them. I could not walk in them in RL without toppling over. But that is the fun of SL! You can be and do whatever you want!
    Do a search for me in world sometime and instant message me if you want to hang out or go dancing! Have fun : )

  2. Hmmm, your boots sound great, quite outrageous in fact! I will definitely search for you next time, it’ll be fun having a drink together in LZ or somewhere…hopefully I’ll have some SL time tomorrow – ah, I hate how my first life interferes with my second… ; )

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