Adventure on the way to Gurl6

Well, last night’s hour in Second Life was exciting. I logged-in with a game-plan. Go straight to Gurl6 and buy some hair, simple huh? Hmmm, nothing ever goes simple for this gal, I can tell you.

I find myself teleported to some obscure section of newbie-land (though I must have been here last time on some trying-on-clothes-in-the-wildlands scenario), I’m surrounded by odd-looking industrial machinery, a satellite dish hums away just to my side. Ok, I’m used to this oddness by now (kind of). So I decide to rummage through my inventory to see what’s left to try on and as I’m doing this…bammmm! This cage falls from the sky and imprisons your heroine inside, like some fairytale princess (or BSDM trip perhaps).


As you can see I was trapped, caged, caught, oh dear! I gave a shout of distress but no one arrived to either help or gloat. I tried pushing against the bars but they wouldn’t give. I flew up and smacked my head on the roof of the cage several times (I’ve a pretty hard-head!) and manged to burst through and escape.

Phew! It’s only been a week and so far I’ve been:

1) pushed off a balcony by Disco Dan (see entry below) and
2) entrapped in an evil black cage.

Though, it must be said, the cage was no match for my David Blaine routine, nothing’s gonna stop me from getting my new hair.

Free once more, I walk to the top of a hill and in a somewhat exhibitionist mood remove almost all my clothes and try lots of stuff on. Eventually I decide to wear what I was dressed in at the start of this session…you know how it goes. That done I fiddled about with the map until I worked out how to find the Gurl6 emporium, clicked teleport and Pop! I arrived.

I spent my first 10 minutes at Gurl6 feeling somewhat unimpressed, until I realised I was wandering around the men’s department! So I left the (very few) boys to their deliberations and walked up the endless steps to the hair-mania of the women’s dept.

After 20 minutes of looking, pointing, walking into walls, flying (and falling back to the carpet in a most un-graceful manner) I finally decided on the Betrayal line, which is basically lots of hair and lots of curls, just what I was after. I also bought some demo-skin to try out, picked up some freebie stuff and took a peek at some naughty animations (ahem!).

Exhausted by the experience I teleported back to newbie-ville and immediately tried out my new hair, which you can see here:

New hair for Caterin

…and I love it! Yes, I like the colour BLACK, as you can see. I must try and get a picture of me smiling, I like my brooding sultry look but I’m basically a cheerful person…

Oh, so much to do…and I’m getting so many great leads I’m going to have to really organise my random notes into one file. Ok, first life calls, bye for now!

~ by catrin23 on November 25, 2006.

2 Responses to “Adventure on the way to Gurl6”

  1. Your hair looks great Caterin! I love your hilarious descriptions of your adventures! They make me laugh : )
    Hope to see you in world soon!

  2. Hey, Sorcha, thanks for the kind words on my new hair. I’m glad my adventures make you laugh, they certainly do for me!

    Yes, I hope we can meet-up in world soon. What’s the best way of going about this? Not sure how meeting up works (duh!)

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