Guerrilla shopping

Guerrila shopping is when I have a 15 minute window of opportunity to jump into Second Life and do something really quickly! I had a game-plan (yeah, yeah, ‘best laid plans of mice and men…’ and all that) and some Lindens (the English pound is doing very nicely against the US dollar right now, thank you very much) and, as I said, 15 minutes.

So, before setting off I decided to try on some more freebie gear, something that might be more suitable to some rock ‘n’ rolling (at Sorcha’s favourite Led Zep club perhaps?). Luckily I found something that might work, for now at least:


So that’s me in the tiger pants and lace thingy. Yo! Rock ‘n’ roll!! Actually, the snapshot was taken in Free Dove where I failed to find the Celestial Passport free skin. I did find another freebie skin though, who’s name I forget right now. Throwing caution (and modesty) to the wind I threw the new skin on and what an improvement! Sure, we can do better and thanks to the excellent Linden Lifestyles blog have decided on purchasing one of the highly rated Gala Skins (more of that later).

So, next stop was to Celestial City to check out the lovely looking Glitz dress. Sadly I couldn’t find the dress anywhere but have left a note on Starley’s blog asking where I can find one to buy.

I had seen an advert in Second Style for a shop called Gracie’s. The ad featured a terrific looking dress that would do to assuage my Glitz disappointment. I zoomed off to Gracie’s and found and bought the dress without trying it on or anything, I just knew it would be right. From the front:

new dress - front view

and the back:

New dress - back view


Oh yes, that will do nicely. Shopping is hard work in SL. So much flying about, craning your neck up to look at the pictures and no shop-assistants to help out, there must be an easier way.


To finish off, I also bought some ballet slippers from Sparkle Skye. Phew, I’ve been a busy girl..hmmm, and I still want that Glitz dress.



~ by catrin23 on November 26, 2006.

3 Responses to “Guerrilla shopping”

  1. Catrin, the Celestial Studios skin at Free Dove is on the table labeled “Skins, AO’s, Poses”. It is in a grey/purple twisted thingy in the middle of the table. The name is “CS Passport Skin – Malibu/Brown”.

    But while you are at Celestial Studios, you can also try out the Passport skin demos for $1L. You cant actually wear them around (they say “demo” all over), but you can get an idea 🙂

    Have fun!

  2. right, I’ll go take another look, thanks

  3. Hi Caterin! I borrowed your tiger pants pic to go with a song I wrote. Hope that’s ok.

    This is a cool site!


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