Bad hair afternoon

So, I went and bought a Gala Phoenix Skin. I wasn’t too sure which one to get and I was in a big hurry, so I picked one that look nearest to what (I think) I want, paid my $L1000 and teleported off to an uninhabited island (I thought…) to try it out. And the new skin is good, not sure if it’s exactly what I wanted but for now it’s just fine.

My new skin

I even took a sneak look at how I looked in the old ‘birthday suit’…and my what they can do with pixels these days! Quite something (heh heh). As I was doing this I noticed the owner of the ‘abandoned’ isle was hovering 100 metres or so above me! Uncovered and blushing I rushed to get my clothes back on. Then, after close inspection, I realised he was asleep and probably away in ‘real life’ counting his land-baron millions.

So, to celebrate my new skin I decided to teleport to one of the swinging Jazz bars I found last night…zapp! And there I was with no one there of course, which is actually just what I wanted. This would be my chance to fiddle about with all the appearance controls, time for a change!

OK (and this is so embarrassing), Caterin the not-so-great fiddled and fiddled, finished her work and saved all the changes – without backing-up the original!


Black eye

What’s that great lock of hair doing covering my left eye? I’ve become a pirate! Or a puppy-dog, my new name can be Patch!! Panic, go back and check the appearances section, oh dear, I can’t revert. Just at this moment who should appear but Norman ‘first-time’ Newbie, fresh in from Orientation Island, brilliant!

“Hi Catrin” he shouts, “would you like to come and sit with me?” “Uh, hi Norm, I would do but I have to rush off” (like to some mountain cave)

I go back into appearance mode to check for one last time that I really can’t revert. While doing this Normal starts up again: “Why are you doing that? You look great!”

At this point I give up, leave appearance-fiddling alone and sit down next to Norman.

“Norman, look at me”, I show him my eye-patch. “You look great” he replies. Ah, what a sweetie. “Well gotta go, good luck with the hair” shouts Norm and zaaps out to wherever.

I sit there, dejected, until…the answer dawns on me. I quit Second Life, power-up Firefox and head for where I create a new account and give birth to a new avatar..welcome Agatha Armchair! As soon as Agatha materialises into Newbie Town I go to appearances and jot down all the defaults for the Head section (where it all went wrong). I wave farewell to dear-old, faithfull Aggie, rush back into SL and put all the settings back to what they were prior to the pirate-horror.

Eye back hurrah

Phew! What a joke that was. Still, a lesson learnt. Save your appearances settings before fiddling, take it from me, it’s worth doing so (but…hmmm those lips aren’t right, maybe I should…no, forget it, don’t even think about it).

By the way, as I was trying to sort out my looks I came across this…


…which I kind of like in an art-rock, post-industrial, cyber-punk sort of way.

~ by catrin23 on November 27, 2006.

3 Responses to “Bad hair afternoon”

  1. Oh Caterin, you make me laugh whenever I read your blog. I love your adventure stories. Hope you hair starts behaving and Im *sure* you’ll get so many “Hey Sexy”‘s youll have to mute IM 😛

    Have fun!

  2. This is such a funny story! And what a fresh-faced innocent Norman Newbie is! He has no ideas of the perils of SL yet does he? : ) Your blog is so refreshing and funny Caterin! I just love reading it!

  3. Pleased you’re enjoying the blog! It’s fun to write.

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