Waiting for the restart…

Hmmm, my last few dips into Second Life (other than meeting-up with Sorcha for a quick attempt at shoe-buying…and even that ended up in typical Caterin farce…which I won’t go into now, other than to say I finally got the shoes a day later) have been a bit frantic and not always hugely enjoyable. I think the problem is my growing obsession with how I look and a desperate attempt to ‘improve’ and look like X, Y or Z.

I don’t really think this is how I want to play this, it’s not a lot of fun. I need to talk, explore, meet, dance…shopping is great but where’s the heart?

So, I’m going to chill out a bit. I had fun when I drifted around, trying stuff out and that’s what I’ll return to.

Having said that…here’s me in a delicious black silk gown I got from Gracie’s:

Black silk gown

Ohhh, I love it! The hair’s a freebie and may stay in my new ‘fancy dress’ folder in my inventory. Speaking of which, ‘inventory-sorting’ is an excellent way to pass the time when SL slows down to a treacly swamp, it gets you organised and is highly recommended. The snapshot above was taken at MetaManor, a lovely, peaceful place that no-one ever seems to go to. So, it is now my official place to try on clothes!

While sorting through my inventory I tried on all (just about) my freebie stuff, how do you like me as a red head?:


Not sure about the top though, cheap is not always cheerful!

~ by catrin23 on November 29, 2006.

3 Responses to “Waiting for the restart…”

  1. Hey Caterin, I’m so glad you got the shoes : ) What a day! DO not worry, you seem to be a girl that attracts odd situations. I am one as well hahaha! It’s a good idea to explore. Shopping is great but there are some beautiful places to see in SL! Have fun and hopefully I’ll see you soon

  2. Hi Caterin…oh no, dont tell me your going blonde too! 😛 Just kidding! You look beautiful and elegant…definitely a special-occasion hair. Have fun and see you soon!

  3. thanks for the kind comments, see you soon!

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