The girl wants a drink!

So, I ended up at a club by the name of Sanctuary. Don’t ask me how I got there, I really can’t remember, which is quite handy because I don’t plan to go back.

Now, I love dancing, I love staying up late in interesting, fun, exciting places, but not Sanctuary though. I’m not sure exactly what is was I didn’t like, it just brought back uncomfortable memories of another time in another life…and that’s not why I’m here (in Second Life).

Also, most of the dancers looked as if they they were members of staff, a couple of them called out my name but didn’t respond to the friendly ‘hi!’ I gave in response.

I found the bar and waited around for a short while, hoping for (and in this order) a barperson and a someone to chat to.

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Neither appeared. By this time I was feeling somewhat irritable and took things into my own hands by leaping over the bar and helping myself.

This girl wanted a drink! damn it!!

But even my petty attempt at pilfering the bar wasn’t to deliver the goods ( I would have left the Lindens, honest!), there was nothing to drink, no bottle tops to flip or to corks to pull out…sigh.

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So, I found a wall and took a snapshot of myself with the moon setting (or rising, who knows?) into the distance.

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And tonight…to the ballroom!

~ by catrin23 on December 2, 2006.

3 Responses to “The girl wants a drink!”

  1. Hello Caterin! I didn’t really like Sanctuary either đŸ˜› It was Pink Floyd night at the Bubblegum tonight which was a blast but you weren’t online : ( Oh well. There will be other nights we can boogie together!

  2. yep, we will boogie on down one night soon, see you soon. C

  3. Great night eating tapas and dancing

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