A Hard Day’s Night

Saturday night (UK time) found me inworld with some serious time to spare (at last!).

In my present homeless state I’ve adopted the comfortable, relaxed (and empty!) surroundings of MetaManor as my base for chilling-out and trying-on-clothes.  I chatted to someone involved with MM, they found it amusing that I use it as my personal changing room.   So, no need to worry about that then.

Before anything else I decided to meditate for a while, nothing like a good ‘sit’ to ready one’s self for a night out on the town. 


To be honest, my memories of Saturday night are a bit of a jumble, so I’ll just outline the highlights.  Like everyone else, I’ve had to use my imagination and creativity this weekend to get around SL.   The places search might not work but there are other ways of exploring. 

I looked under the ‘events’ tab, found a Yard Sale, and, for no particular reason, hit the teleport button. 

Wining and reading

Well, I couldn’t find anything to buy.  Instead I came across a picnic blanket with a couple of cool animations.  Pretty soon I had settled myself down for a good read and some fine wine. 

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh! Who is that blond in the plum dress?  Why! it’s me!!  Hmmm, perhaps this is a high-society picnic, better watch out I don’t spill any wine on my new outfit. 

Jedi Masters

The force must have been with me (or was it the vino?) and I found myself outside a Jedi Temple and who knows, perhaps I could pass as Princess Leila? 

I was met and welcomed into the temple by a grand Jedi Master.  We chatted about the threat to Second Life citizens from the Sith, and the Empire.  I thanked the Master on behalf of all SLifers for protecting us from evil etc.   I was offered membership of the Jedi group but had to refuse, for now, at least. 

Greek goddesses

Sometime later I found myself wandering around a ruined Greek temple (what is it with me and temples this evening?).  I turned one particular corner and what did I see? A shop!  And what did I find in this shop?  Only this most absolutely lovely hair based on the great Helen of Troy and you know what they said about her – “all is dross that is not Helen” 

Well…if it’s good enough for Helen, then by golly, it’s good enough for me. 

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In fact this is exactly the hair I’ve been looking for, I love the flowers and hair ornaments, it certainly makes me feel like a mysterious, beautiful goddess. I bought one black and one bronze and may well have to go back and buy the set

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And now I am set for the ballroom!  But, of course, how to get there?  I don’t have any bookmarks and the damn places search is still down, what’s a poor gal to do?

Piano at Cesar’s Palace

Don’t ask me how I got here but I saw the piano and knew I had to play (and also it’s a great snapshot pose for my new hair).  Actually, it is now my ambition to play every last piano in SL.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


So, indeed, what is a poor girl to do?  Can’t find the ballroom?  Go surfing! 

I found myself on a beach, not far from MetaManor, which is where I met a friendly woman working hard freezing part of the sea for a skate rink. We had a chat and she invited me to try  surfing on the ‘warm’ part of the sea.

She led me to a collection of free surfboards, I chose one, dropped it down on the sea and leapt on. 

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Wooosh!  Out to see I went, riding the waves.  Plop!  Off the board I fell, into the ocean depths.  

Hey, this is fun!  I rode some more surf and fell in some more sea, perhaps high heels aren’t the best shoes for this?  Perhaps I should go and buy a day-glow pink surf outfit?   Hmmm, I think I should…just then my laptop collapsed under the excitement and I was booted back into First Life.


There I was in another uninspiring shop when a certain LB started chatting.  He complimented my hair (smart move!) and we discussed clothes for a while.  He seemed very knowledgeable about the SL fashion world and gave me some good tips for designers with an eye to detail, which is what I’m after.

I mentioned that I wanted to go ballroom dancing, and guess what?  He had a landmark for the Blue Note club, a place I had planned to visit for a dance. 

We teleported to the Blue Note.  LB explained how to work the poseball and I prepared for a waltz.  Then…ka-boom!  LB’s PC started complaining and he had to go off-world for a 10 minute repair jobbie.  

Humph!  A typical Caterin scenario!  I looked around and spotted someone called Elizabet who was wearing an absolutely beautiful dress.  I walked over and we began chatting.  I told her about my missing dance-partner and she suggested the two of us have a quick two-step while I waited for his return.

So we danced together for five minutes or so and what fun it was.   LB turned up, I thanked Elizabet and led LB over for a ballroom dance, and boy did we dance!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The animations were great, I loved the way LB could sweep me up and twirl around.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

LB and I swapped friend thingies and agreed to meet again for another dance.

Word had travelled fast from Cesar’s Palace about my prowess on the piano and I was asked to play a few Jazz standards for the Blue Note crowd.  I couldn’t refuse, could I?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The end is in sight

Ah…what a great night out! 

So, just to round things off nicely I found myself in a bar, where I completely ruined the sophisticated-lady image I had tried so hard to project in the Blue Note

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting  But, hell, it had been a hard day’s night and the girl deserved some fudge!

~ by catrin23 on December 4, 2006.

5 Responses to “A Hard Day’s Night”

  1. HI caterin! you look beautiful in that dress and the hair is fabulous! Glad you had fun today : ) I”m glad to see you surf in stiletto heels as well! hahaha

  2. thank you Sorcha! look forward to meeting up again soon

  3. My gosh, Caterin, what a day you had! 🙂

    And I positively LOVE that hair! Its so pretty with the flowers!

    BTW, beautiful pictures, particularly of LB sweeping you off your feet! Those shots are VERY hard to get…great job! 🙂

    And regarding pianos, theres there are a couple of organs and pianos in Vampire Empire, Transyvania… 😛

  4. thank you! as for the pianos, the rule is I can only take a picture if I’m wearing a different outfit!

  5. […] stumbled across her shop (set in a ruined Greek temple) as a newbie and fell immediatly in love with her Helena hair. It has a beautiful, classical style that always […]

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