Counting French Chickens…

Hmmm, and I had left Second World last night feeling very pleased with myself, and then, this morning…well, that tale can wait for later…

First stop last night was a trip to the Cityscapes Art Gallery, where I looked for that perfect painting for my non-existent city-centre pad. I also quite fancy myself as a patron of the arts, taking some poor young artist under my wing, and at these prices, it’s certainly a possibility! I did find a print I liked and chatted to the owner (seen in the background of the picture) about the artist..

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Music Making at Better Life
Back to MetaManor to try out some clothes in my ever-growing inventory (and I’m now spending time each day just keeping the thing under control) and quickly out to the nearby Amphitheatre at Better World for a go on their piano. To an audience of butterflies I played ‘Cool Eyes’ by the great Horace Silver.

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Okay, listen up, I’m quite serious about playing every last piano in SL. The only rule is I have to be wearing a different outfit in each picture. So, this obviously means I have to keep my wardrobe well-stocked, and I’m doing this folks for your benefit, it’s an act of pure altruism on my part (heh heh heh).

There were also some drums at the nearby Kijiweni Village, so I had to give those a twirl.

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French Village
I spent sometime putting fairly random words into the search and ‘French’ brought me back this gem. I can’t remember the name of the village but it’s in Three Mile (I do have a landmark if anyone is interested). It’s a pretty realistic rendering of a rural French village, quite lovely and brought back pleasant memories from another life…

I wandered about the village for a while, dropping-in to the art gallery and then off to the pub, which of course was empty.

Eventually I came across a mansion, yes, a mansion, and open to us, the general public. I explored, and explored, wow what a place. The building is to die for, it’s absolutely fabulous in terms of interior design and aesthetics, so…French! Here’s a pic of me, resting in the first of a number of beautiful rooms

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As I explored I kept coming across rooms with lovely double beds, each with increasingly more…ahem…’intimate’ animations, you know what I mean?!

And what was so great was the absolute good taste and style in which everything was done. The French are masters at this, they can take sexiness and glamour and turn it into art, it’s all just so damn…French! And this building was casting a spell on me…

The ‘master’ bedroom was the killer. Another beautifully designed room with huge windows looking over the sea. The obligatory double bed with animations on hand, and…a bath! And such a lovely, lovely bath is to. And somehow, drugged by the mystery of the building, I jumped right in, without a care in the world.

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Refreshed by my bath, I changed into one of my new dresses from Dazzle…

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…looked wistfully at the double bed (heh heh) and left to hit the Town.

Sphynx Jazz Club
I visited a few Jazz venues, I wanted to dance. But, being a Euro-gal means no one much is up to starting the evening in the early afternoon (if you see what I mean). I finally ended up at the Sphynx Jazz Club, which has a piano on which I played ‘Star Eyes’.

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After the music I was ready for some dinner and had a gourmet five-course meal at the club, all on my lonesome (sob!).

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By the time I had digested my food some folks had turned up, the Sphynx barman and his pal. I took a seat at the bar, ordered bourbon and a cigar and chatted away merrily away.

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Finally, the barman asked if I wanted to dance, but of course! We toured the ballroom a few times, decided on a waltz and off we went.

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I had hoped to stay up and vote for Natalia but had misjudged the time difference (it’s 8 hours, not 6, fool!) and really couldn’t manage 2am, especially with all that food, dancing and most of a bottle of First Life wine inside me.

Hey, what a great night!

About those chickens I mentioned (yeah, I had counted them to soon)…
And then, this morning, I’ve a quick hour on SL. I rush off to ‘my’ manor, ‘my’ lovely, sexy building…I’m standing in the master bedroom, trying on stuff from my inventory when ‘poof!’ arrives Arthur Avatar. Luckily I had just put on a dress! We stared at each other.

‘Do you own this place?’ he asked. And boy was I tempted to reply in the affirmative

(‘Yes, it is and I suggest you hot-foot it back to wherever you came from before I put the dogs on you’ I would have said in my best Lady of the Manor aristocratic voice).

But, hell, Arthur had as much right to be there as I did…it’s just that the place had bewitched me…and somehow I had begun to think of it as mine. Oh well.

And the bath? I suddenly don’t feel brave enough to try it out again.


~ by catrin23 on December 7, 2006.

3 Responses to “Counting French Chickens…”

  1. Caterin, I am shocked you took a bath at someone’s house! 😛 (heehee I would have done the same!)

    And I will keep an eye out for all those hidden pianos in SL 🙂

  2. it was quite a bath, well worth the risk!

  3. Great blog, good job getting it all together 🙂

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