Homegirl blues

So, if it wasn’t bad enough finding Arthur Avatar in ‘my’ changing room, I get ‘home’ to find Arthur’s pal (let’s call him Gary) lurking around MetaManor. Gary was nice enough but I wanted to try out some of those lovely Dazzle gowns and he just wouldn’t take the hint and anyway…oh man, this is getting stupid!

I gotta get the home situation sorted out. Which means either rent (300L p/w one resident quoted me) or become a resident and a) wait for some First Land to turn up b) splash the cash and buy my own chunk of dirt.

So, what do do? I don’t know yet, I really don’t know. However, I have located a cellar in a discrete slum district which will have to do for now (sob!)

To cheer myself up I went to Phat Cat’s Jazzy Blue Lounge and played the blues for an hour or so (in my lovely new Dazzle gown):

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ah…that feels better.

~ by catrin23 on December 13, 2006.

8 Responses to “Homegirl blues”

  1. Caterin, you wear the most beautiful gowns! And of course, you look very nice playing the piano.

    I wish there were an easier way to find a place just to change. Its funny how we need a place of our own, even in SL. That was one of the first things I did – get a place so I can be more comfortable changing cloths! I guess its just basic avatar instinct 🙂

  2. Thank you! Housing, sigh, yes, i will sort it out soon…

  3. What a gorgeous dress Caterin! You look like a goddess!

  4. thank your Sorcha, it’s a dreamy dress, isn’t it! 😉

  5. Ran across your blog from Natalia’s:

    2 quick comments: there’s a piano I enjoyed playing at “Art In The Park”, Hobak (163, 64, 48) that perhaps you have not come across. It’s in a little garden-like outdoor area, along with some nice artwork. A pleasant spot — just wish it had benches.

    Re: a place to change. One thing I did today when I was trying to avoid griefers while building/scripting, was to go to a sandbox, rez a cube, sit on it, and then edit its height to 700 meters in the air, giving me some privacy in mid-air. If that’s a little open for you, you could always drag a freebie house out of inventory onto the cube, and voila! Instant mid-air changing room. Just hope that they don’t clean out the sandbox while you’re in there changing 😉

    ged larsen

  6. hey Ged, thanks for the piano tip, I’ll rush over there as soon as i go back inworld, any requests for a tune?

    And thanks also for the sandbox idea, i’ll give that a go. C

  7. i’m sitting at the Muse Isle arena listening to some live music now. If you crash the stage, there’s a very nice grand piano — Muse Isle 180, 144, 30

  8. sigh…it will have to wait until tommorow Ged, I’m all whacked out and in need of a sleep after the visit to Arit in the Park. Keep on sending ’em in. C

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