Pianos – Stockton and Art Park

Piano at Stockton Springs
Well, after my friend Natalia suggested it may be a bit beneath me, I really had to throw on my new causualwear (from Pixel Mode) and rush over to wintery Stockton Springs to check out the piano.

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It was actually a keyboard but it still counts. I think I look kinda like a member of a rock ‘n’ roll band here? I decided to give the crowd (ha!) my rendition of the wonderful opening keyboard section of ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ by The Who. The place rocked!

Art Piano
In the comments of my last post, Ged Larsen suggested the Piano at Art In The Park. So, in a fluster I had the awful task of sorting through my Dazzle wardrobe to come up with something suitable. Finally choosing the Fem Noir gown and my new Lash Helena blonde hair (ok, I love dark hair but every-now-and-again a girl just has to go blonde!) I telethinged over to the Park.

What a lovely venue. The crowd where an arty bunch so I gave them a selection of Thelonious Monk (my jazz piano hero) which went down very well.

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As an encore, I changed my hair back to black and played ‘Around Midnight’, a quite somber, moody number which I think is reflected in the picture.

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Hmmmm, keep the Piano locations rolling in please!


~ by catrin23 on December 16, 2006.

8 Responses to “Pianos – Stockton and Art Park”

  1. Your piano playing adventures are so much fun to read Caterin! I love how you coordinate your outfits and hair to match the music and mood ! Keep tickling those ivories girl! You’re a star!

  2. Hey! Glad you’re finding my adventures funny, they make me laugh as well 😉

    let me know of any pianos you find on yr trips inworld. C xx

  3. Hi! I love the idea of your quest to play every piano in SL!

    I didn’t see it on your blog, but there’s one in the lobby of the “Technical User Interfacing” school (Beyond The Prim 43,224,21).

    Here’s a link, if WordPress lets me do it.

  4. (Nope, it replaced secondlife:// with http:// — here’s a slurl link instead.)

  5. You rock, Caterin! You look so cute in casual, just like one of the band 🙂

    And I love your black dress, particularly with the black hair! Its so classy!

  6. Hi Caterin………….Thelonious Monk:-)! Next time, please play Mysterioso – it’s my all-time favourite……

    It was great meeting you in world……I’m getting the house furnished, so it looks a bit less minimalist – you must call in again.

  7. Johanna – thanks for the tip and let me know if you see any more pianos around the place. Your blog looks really interesting and useful, I’m planning to give scripting a go so I’ll be checking out the tutorials you’ve written.

    Natalia – well, thank you! I think SL needs a good rock ‘n’ roll band, just need to get the members, instruments and scripts sorted out…ah…all that and shopping!

    Marion – Thanks for inviting me to your fab house and I’d love to come back and visit soon (a few gin and tonics on the ground floor perhaps? I’ll play Mysterioso just for you at the next gig, it’s one of my favourite Monk tracks.

  8. Where is the nice guy who plays “Letters to Eloise” for me

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