Pianos – complete list


I’m a gal with a mission and that mission is to play every last piano in Second Life.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a page where I can list the pianos I’ve played so far. The only rule is that I have to wear a different outfit for each performance, I actually broke that rule at one of my early gigs…but I hadn’t made that rule then, so it doesn’t matter. Here’s the list (in order played – most recent first,) so far:

Please let me know if you see any pianos (or keyboards) not listed here and feel free to request a tune!

~ by catrin23 on December 18, 2006.

38 Responses to “Pianos – complete list”

  1. Caterin, I was just going to mention the pianos in Better World (there are several), but I see your piano radar has found them already! 🙂

  2. oh, I didn’t realise there was more than one, I’m on my way now! 🙂

  3. Does your list include pianos in private homes? If so you need to come back to Caledon 🙂

  4. I certainly do include private homes Mr Pearse and would be ever grateful for any introductions.

  5. I can think of two pianos that aren’t on your list. First, there’s a Grand (Baby Grand) Piano at Crescent Moon Museum at Tudor Taber (home of the Mata Hari Jewel Quest and some neat art pieces). I don’t know that you can actually play it, but the lid opens/closes.

    Second, there’s the piano at the Ballroom at Avilion Grove – a huge open air castle set in a medieval period. Beautiful scenery, elegant surroundings and you can play there – I did. FYI – formal dress is required, though.

    Enjoy your quest for all the pianos of SL, Caterin!

  6. Thanks for the tips Taffy. I’ve visited Avilion and will be posting shortly on that. The other piano is new to me and I’ll certainly take a look. C

  7. Here’s on I didn’t see on the “list”: Artishow Cabaret.
    Taravista, 153, 66, 44. Best at sunset with view of ocean.
    Quiet and intimate.

  8. Thanks Raffila, I’ll go check that one out, any requests?

  9. There’s a piano in Port Seraphine, on one of the rooftops. In fact, there may be a couple. Just try to avoid the lure of PixelDolls!

  10. Caterin,

    Your piano project is inspiring. Since reading your blog and discovering SL pianos – and the fact that my mother is a piano teacher, I bought one of my own. We’ll make sure we have it set up for you at the next blogger meetup.

  11. Gosh Zoe, that would be an honour indeed!

  12. Two more pianos for you, in very close proximity to each other: we have one inside the boathouse of the Mowry Bay Yacht Club (it’s searchable) and if you go east from there along the south shore of the bay, where the coast turns north there’s an elevated concert pavilion up on the hill with another piano.

  13. Oh, lovely Elisha, any requests for me to play?

  14. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I came across a piano in a shop by “skins by B&B” in Firemaw.

  15. Thanks Sveta!

  16. Hey Caterin. Visit The Champagne Rooms. Go through the lobby, then turn right when you’re in the bar …

  17. Champagne Rooms eh? Sounds like my kind of place, thanks Therese!

  18. Hi again. You should visit the Kingsfield sim. And when you’re there, head to an outdoor ball venue in south-east corner of the island.

  19. Gosh, another one Therese, you’re on a roll! Cheers 😉

  20. Excellent work – loving your Quest!!

  21. have just written a quick post http://troubleandslife.blogspot.com/2007/07/girl-meets-second-life.html

  22. Hey Caterin..I scanned your list and did not think I saw this one one it is at Puli Animations http://slurl.com/secondlife/AV%20Puli%20Animations/37/20/2/

  23. Hey Eluysve! Thanks for that one, do you have a request for a tune? 😉

  24. Hey Cat..found another whilst shopping, and I warmed it up for you *G*, just wearing underwear tho!!!


  25. Hey Elusyve! I’ll check that one out, thanks!

  26. […] Caterin to come along to the planet Tatooine and the city Mos Eisley to see if she could find a piano […]

  27. Hey Cat..almost there..I cant wait to see 100! I found a bloo piano in a store I was checking out.. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Firemaw/129/120/35

  28. Hi Elusyve, I’ve done that one already! Thanks for keeping a look out. Cat x

  29. lol..doh..ok ok..I think I found another..

  30. ok! I’ll go check that one out Elusyve, Cat x

  31. ooh this is a cutie I dont see listed.. wanna play a “little” sumpin for me *eg*


  32. Happy, as ever, to play a little something for you Elusyve!

  33. I believe there is a piano in the shop at Silent Sparrow, as well. No particular requests. (=

  34. Hey, Dvora, thanks for the tip off! Cat x

  35. did you catch the one in the Witches Observatory, NorSim (I think it is in Reliance)?

  36. Hiyah Seth, thanks for the tip but the quest has finished! I reached 100, hurrah!! Cat x

  37. wow

  38. Holy moly! You still doing this? Come to Here island (that’s the region name), I’ve got a green and pink piano on a platform floating in the water! =)

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