Piano 7 – Muse Isle

Before shooting off to Muse Isle to play piano number 7 (see full list) I dropped in on Natalia’s new shop to pick-up her fabby freebie Christmas outfit.  Oh and what a great oufit it is, just right for my new job as Father Christmas’ new helper (feeding the reindeer, duh!).  Thank you Natalia!

The Muse Isle Arena (suggested by Ged Larsen) is a large venue, more of a concert hall than the other places I’ve visited. Perhaps I should have played some Chopin instead of the Christmas melody I thundered out.

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Isn’t Natalia’s outfit lovely? Just right for the tunes I played, not sure what old Chopin would have thought! I wish I would smile more for these snaps, perhaps there’s an animation I could get hold of, any ideas anyone?

I was a bit cold after the gig (no heating in the Arena, cheapskates!) but luckily found a VIP resting area where I could chill-out for a while.

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Ah, that’s better, my legs were freezing in that hall! Fully refreshed, I took some more time-out to plan my next move.

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So, where did Father Christmas ask me to meet him? Hmmmm


~ by catrin23 on December 19, 2006.

6 Responses to “Piano 7 – Muse Isle”

  1. Incidentally, did you know there was a group “Piano lovers of Second LIfe”? It was only formed a few weeks ago and only has a handful of members, but seemed like something that might be of interest to you. (Can’t remember if I joined, but if I did, there’s been minimal/no activity.)

    If you play in real life, here’s to hoping someday you’ll play streaming “live” from one of the live music locations — I haven’t come across any keyboard artists yet. 🙂

  2. Hmmm, I’ll have to check that group out. I don’t play piano in First Life…though in Second Life I am a gifted musician!

  3. Ooh…Caterin, you look so pretty in fur 🙂 Heehee sorry, the outfit is not very warm…its meant to encourage cuddling by the fire 😛 Hope you find Santa! 🙂

  4. If I look pretty it’s only because I’m wearing your lovely outfit! 🙂

  5. Hi Caterin and Natalia,
    I love to read your blogs, would love to have the time to write one myself but I have to accept that days are only 24hrs long. As I speak french as well I have helped a french guy about writing an SL guide. I might pass your names and the places you have visited to him. By the way I dance at the Crimson Guild Club so if you feel visiting one day, just come over. Would love to meet you in SL.
    Melissa (Melissavp Islander)

  6. Hello Melissa, thanks for dropping by, glad you like the blog.

    I’ll check out the Crimson Guild Club next time I’m inworld, hope there’s a piano!

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