Kitty Samurai Dragon fun

Heh, the Wet Kitty pub is by far the friendliest, most fun place I’ve visited so far in Second Life. The crowd are very welcoming and the dancing is a scream…and there’s always someone interesting to talk to.

For instance, a couple of nights back (euro time) I called in at Marion’s wonderful new pad and we decided to visit said Kitty pub. We were merrily dancing when I hear this huge ‘miaow!’, and lo and behold, it’s a woman in a wild samurai outfit with a huge sword (see Marion’s blog for pics).

Well, I had had a couple of glasses of vino and thus felt very courageous. I walked over to the samurai-woman, named Slayer, and asked if she’d give a sword play display (outside the bar of course- health and safety is always paramount, heh, heh).

Slayer agreed, I grabbed Marion and we set off into the courtyard. And, wow, what a display! Slayer shot into the air, the sword sliced down through the ground and she disappeared in a puff of purple smoke. Returning to the courtyard Slayer made some more impressive moves and then introduced us to her adorable pet dragon…ahhh, it was so sweet.

So, there you go, another quiet night down the pub, heh, heh, heh.

~ by catrin23 on December 21, 2006.

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