Piano 14 – House of Tunes

Oh boy, this was not a good gig. Do I look a happy girl? Do I look like a startled rabbit, staring into the headlights of a 200 ton truck?

House of Tunes

The keyboard was out-of-tune and the venue drafty. The audience were stupid-drunk and started shouting for Rod Stewart numbers…and that I won’t do.

I started feeling like a character out of a Hunter S Thompson book and had to leave quickly by the back door before things became really ugly.

The House of Tunes is not a place I will return to, oh no, not in a million years.

Note: Since writing this post, the House of Tunes has been re-developed into one of the finest music venues in Second Life.  See my Return to the House of Tunes post for a full review.

~ by catrin23 on December 27, 2006.

2 Responses to “Piano 14 – House of Tunes”

  1. Dear Caterin,
    I am sorry your visit to our club was not all that you had hoped for, we have recently had a refit to the main area where our keyboard is, to make it a more intimate experience, the build is based on actual clubs where my fellow owner Anodyne Darkes has played as a RL blues musician.
    We specialise in providing a venue for live blues music through SL, and we would love to have you come back sometime and review your opinion based on our new layout 🙂 and also I would be interested to know the Rod Stewart numbers you were requested to play as I know he had dabbled with the great american songbook but not yet turned his vocal talents to the blues classics which are the mainstay of our crowd’s usual requests.
    As to “stupid-drunk” well all I can say is both our well stocked bars are free and open to all 🙂
    But I hope you enjoyed the majestic view from our back deck as you fled and maybe grab some delicous BBQ from the grills as you passed 🙂

  2. […] from Maladrina, one of the co-owners of the House of Tunes blues club with regard to my rather scathing gig review back in December of last […]

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