Pianos 16, 17 and 18

Piano 18 – Caledon Victorian City – Guvnah’s Mansion (+ MP3!)

I wasn’t really dressed appropriately for the gig at the Guvnah’s Mansion. These Victorians can be a bit fussy about dress length and I have a feeling mine was a tad on the short side.

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Caledon Victorian City is what the name suggests, a Victorian city. It’s also a role playing game (RPG) and one that I might just consider joining.

I decided to play ‘Victoria’ by the Kinks, it seemed fitting.

Listen to a somewhat raucous version of ‘Victoria’ as played by Sonic Youth:

I’d have stuck around and explored a bit longer but was asked by a policeman to cover
myself up or move on out, which I did.

Piano 17 – Rebel Hope store

Rebel Hope is one of the star designers in Second Life and I love her sassy, glamorous style. So it’s fitting she’s installed a piano for me to tinkle on while I decide which one of her gowns shall break my tiny SL clothing budget.

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The red velvet dress in this picture isn’t a Rebel Hope design, it’s one I picked up at a secret (heh, heh) location in Dublin. I love it so much I’ll just have to go back and get one in black for new year’s eve.

Piano 16 – The Love Club

This is my sort of a place. A small, beautifully laid-out Jazz club. There’s one main room with a bandstand, dancing area and bar. There are also a number of smaller rooms where couples can have a more…intimate chat…

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Note the bandstand has some other instruments including a trombone which didn’t want to animate itself for me. The only drawback with the Love Club is the lack of any other punters, so I’ve yet to try out the dancefloor, such is the life for a lonesome euro-gal!

The club is currently advertising for staff and I would have given it some serious consideration if the time zone issues weren’t so immense – yeah, like I’m going to work at 5am in the morning for 50p ($1) an hour!.

Still, a lovely place and one to which I will return

You can see the full list of pianos I’ve played so far in Second Life.

~ by catrin23 on December 29, 2006.

3 Responses to “Pianos 16, 17 and 18”

  1. I love Sonic Youth too Caterin! I had fun on our adventure tonight hahaha. See you soon : )

  2. Oh Sorcha, last night’s adventure was so much fun, I haven’t laughed so much in all my time here in SL. Thanks for a brilliantly wicked night out!

  3. Caledon needs more musicians (I play myself, but alas not in a ‘Caledon-style’ which is where I reside). Come back and see us soon Miss Caterin. There are currently many complementary items of ladies (and gentleman’s) attire on the barrows by the tele-hub in Victoria City and do try the upright in The Anvil (our friendly local hostelry).

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