Pianos 19 & 20 – Sigil wild west town

Sigil is a fabulous role-playing Wild West town and well worth visiting. One of the really nice things about this place is they provide you with ready-made outfits, for free! I chose two, one good-girl dress, one perhaps not so good!

First, I visited the Sigil hotel and watched a gunfight from the safety of the balcony. An excellent vista from which to watch folk shoot it out.

Sigil Hotel Balcony

Downstairs in the bar there’s a piano:

Sigil Hotel piano

I also visited Sigil Saloon bar, which is not really a place for gentle ladies like the one above. However, the burlesque, show-girl type is greatly encouraged:

Sigil Saloon Bar

I think the first gown will also go down well in the Victorian City of Caledon I mentioned in my last post (and, by the way, the remark I made about a policeman asking me to leave was a joke).

I did try and cadge a ride on a horse but the cowboys were more intested in shooting each other, oh well.

See the full list of pianos I’ve played so far.

~ by catrin23 on December 31, 2006.

One Response to “Pianos 19 & 20 – Sigil wild west town”

  1. I went there too… and got that outfit… (lol)

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