Blue titanic apollo!

Hmmmm, I purchased this wonderful, kind of over-the-top gown in black and red from Simone’s and just had to go out right away and give it a whirl. Marion‘s online so I get her on the IM and we agree to go out dancing.

We start the night at a Spanish/Cuban/Latin(?) dance club called the ‘Gardens of Apollo’.

First, a hurdle to leap. Marion is also wearing a lovely dress and this causes problems straight away with the dance pose-ball things. First I sit on a ball but then Marion can’t find the other one as it is obscured by my skirt, we swap around and the same thing happens. After a number of attempts we finally come up with a coordinated ‘1,2,3 Click!’ solution via IM and that seems to work.

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The ‘Gardens of Apollo’ is an excellent venue, not too large, well laid out with great Spanish/Latin American music, a place to which I will certainly return.

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While dancing I have a chat via IM with my friend Marcus. He’s just found a new Jazz venue called ‘Blue Fusion’ that he seems keen on. Shortly after this conversation the ‘Gardens of Apollo’ management announce the club is to close in five minutes for a private party…humph! So, one more dance left at the Apollo.

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So, I IM Marcus and pretty soon we’re teleported off to ‘Blue Fusion’. The venue is located on a lovely waterfront setting. There is a revolving platform set into the centre of the dance floor and it was great to dance with the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach in the background. There’s a bar area (with, it appears, Marilyn Monroe as a bar tender!) and streaming ‘swing era’ jazz (not my favourite kind of Jazz but the owner promised some more modern sounds when he’s hired a DJ).

After much dancing, Marcus suggests a Titanic-themed club he’s heard about and with little ado’ we all TP off in search of further dance-adventure. And yes, the club is on a ship, which was made clear by the layout and a number of sailor-boys running about the place.

I don’t remember seeing the dance floor but there was somewhere to eat and a lounge for…well…lounging. Other than that, my memory is a bit foggy.

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By this time it was running pretty late for this Euro-gal (1.30am). The lateness of the hour (combined with the one or two RL brandies I had been sipping!) were making me somewhat sleepy.

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So after some chatter and a few nautical jokes I decided to slip anchor and retire to my cabin for a much needed sleep. I will most definitely return to the Titanic for a fuller investigation. And thanks to Marion and Marcus for a fab night out.

~ by catrin23 on January 18, 2007.

One Response to “Blue titanic apollo!”

  1. Caterin, wow, what a beautiful gown! And you must know all the dance venues in SL! 🙂

    I loved the movie Titanic, so thank you for mentioning the ship! I really would love to check it out! 🙂

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