GMT blues

So, for RL reasons I won’t go into, I had exactly 90 minutes available in SL last night (GMT time).

Earlier in the day I had purchased the slightly risqué ‘Stella’ gown from Draconic Kiss (actually the Stella gown was one of the less risqué items in the shop!) and by the evening I wanted to dance…in the dress…you know, show it off a bit, quite simple really.

But no. Living a Second Life when based in Europe has its drawbacks. My idea of the evening is most people’s afternoon (i.e. an eight hour time difference), and there just ain’t many folk out there on the dance floors at that time.

Ay, it wasn’t fun. I flitted about from Jade’s to the Blue Note, Blue Fusion to the Sphnyx, the Lost Gardens of Apollo to the Titanic Ballroom…and failed to find one dance partner.

The dance floors were occupied by couples, and the two single men I did approach fobbed me off with ‘Sorry, waiting for my GF’. Aw, come on boys, I’m not that bad looking…or am I? Sob! Or was it the gown? Was I scaring them off?

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I even met a girl with my surname (Semyorka). Surely she’ll dance with me but no, she suggested it wasn’t appropriate for girls to dance together, especially as we were kind of sisters(!!!).

Baffled by the logic of my ‘sister’, I sat myself down at the Sphynx bar and drank my blues away, watching my 90 minutes count down.

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And…with one minute to go, Sorcha comes online…I know she would have danced with me but it’s too late. Just like Cinderella I disappear from the dance floor in a puff of smoke…

So, sod it. I’m going to join my witch sisters, who needs the high-life anyway?

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~ by catrin23 on January 21, 2007.

6 Responses to “GMT blues”

  1. OH Caterin! Of course I would have danced with you!! Hopefully we meet up soon!

  2. Sorcha my dear, let’s meet up soon for a good dance! C 😉

  3. awww… someday when i’m more presentable (i.e., after a complete make-over, so you’re not ashamed to be seen with me), i’ll try finding you some afternoon. EST is only 5 hours behind you, and i’ve always wanted to meet the Official Piano Seeker of SL!

  4. Thank you Ged. I’m sure I wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen with you…so let’s have a dance one day soon!

  5. Caterin: Thanks for the shout out on my page. I’ve said many times that even being on the east coast can be problematic and that it must be terrible for Europeans and others. I’m turning my island into multiple floating dance floors and I’m tuning the clock into you.

  6. Caterin, Im so sorry you had such a bad exp! Whats wrong with the guys at the bar? You look gorgeous!

    We need to get together an have a girls day/night out some time! 🙂

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