Note to self

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Dear Diary

Glad to say I’m enjoying Second Life very much, I’ll be four months old in a couple of weeks, my how times flies! However, there are a few things I need to keep in mind and a few other that need some action.

1. I will try my hardest not to buy any more clothes until I’ve tried on all the stuff I already have, ready for my attention, in the inventory.

2. Same applies to hair

3. Leave skin and body alone, they are just fine as they are

4. Get some fencing up on the sky-box patio. It’s unpleasant for visitors to fall 400 metres to my hellish neighbourhood below

5. Learn to use gestures. They are expressive, often endearing and occasionally amusing in dull or desperate situations

6. Learn more about animation overrides, i.e. drop the chimp-walk.

7. Be less shy about walking up to people and chatting. Really, what’s the worst that can happen?

8. ‘Accidentally’ eavesdropping on some strange Gorian slave-master-sex dialogue (or similar) might be intriguing but lacks integrity and could well end up in a sticky (heh heh) situation. The excuse that: ‘they are on chat, not IM, so they must want the entire world to hear’ is really not good enough.

9. The consumption of less RL alcoholic beverages while inworld will help me avoid potentially compromising situations, such as the above

10. Continue having fun!

~ by catrin23 on February 2, 2007.

7 Responses to “Note to self”

  1. I subscribe! 😉

  2. Re no. 7 – drunken sexist abuse? 😉

  3. me? drunken sexist? Humph! Or are you referring to the dutch guy a few nights back? 😉

  4. of course I didn’t mean you 🙂 The Japanese sim sounds lovely – do they have a dance club? Marion

  5. I couldn’t see any dance clubs, nice idea though…

  6. Hey, I still do the chimp-walk! 🙂 Actually AO’s are terrible for lag.

    As for Gorean conversations, no need to eavesdrop: I still know a few Goreans who can bring us on a tour. I wonder if they have pianos on Gor? 😛

    Oh, Ive done SL under the influence also. Thats very good advice…there are worse things than Goreans 😛

  7. A Gorean tour….oh yes, let’s do that Natalia, sounds fun…

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