Piano 26 – Rockcliffe University

My intention was to test-drive my new mini-kimono (purchased from the wonderful, if chaotic Bare Rose mega-store), in an appropriate location, i.e. a sim with a Japanese aesthetic.

A quick flip through search found me in the pretty, and exceedingly quiet (as in there was no one else around) Isle of Intrigue.

After much exploring and wandering though the exquisitely scented gardens, I settled down under a cherry blossom tree for a cup of green tea from my handy thermos flask.

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My next point of call was the four neighbourhood districts of the Nakama sim. I’d read about Nakama via an entry on Natalia’s every informative blog, and it sounded like just the right place.

And yes, Nakama is an impressive sim, a lot of good work has gone into its construction and I heartly applaud the efforts of its creators. However, after an hour or so of tramping around I had to confess to a nagging feeling of disappointment.

So what was wrong? Well, the deserted streets for starters, empty except for the odd Power Ranger type rushing around the place. I started in Ayashii Ku, supposedly the ‘seedy’ district, and managed to uncover not one trace of vice. I left the district with my good name and reputation 100% intact. Really! It was about as seedy as a nun’s convention.

The Hokenjudai Ku feudal district sound more promising and I enjoyed a few cups of Saki and some noodles. But where were the fierce Samurai warlords? I searched in vain for a secret society of knife throwing assassins but sadly came up with nowt except for another round of Saki.

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Ay! Maybe this is all down to living in the ‘wrong’ timezone, or perhaps Nakama is suffering the empty, under-populated fate of other large, impressive sims.

Having said all that, I can highly recommend a visit to Nakama. Despite my gripes I had a good time and even managed to spend some dosh on a dress (hey, what a surprise!).

So, as I sat sipping my Saki I noticed my talented jewellery-making friend Johanna Hyacinth was online. I IMed Johanna to check if she had any new product in her store. When she replied in the negative I scolded her and demanded she return post-haste to her dark little foundry and start banging some precious stones and metals into beautiful necklaces etc.

JH sensibly ignored my urgings and instead TPd me over to Rockcliffe University (where she teaches scripting) to play the resident piano. Johanna requested some Rachmanikov with which I was more than happy to comply.

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After the gig we retired to the well-stocked Rockcliffe bar where JH displayed her talent for making a the perfect G&Ts (i.e with a lime, not a lemon).

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Want to know more about this piano madness of mine? See this page.

~ by catrin23 on February 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “Piano 26 – Rockcliffe University”

  1. Caterin, what a pretty dress! And the triple belt is just like the one from the current Gucci ad campaign… not I pay attention to these things… 😛

    And yes, unfortunately, Nakama is deserted most of the time. I guess you have to catch the Japanese at their time zone.

    If you really want seedy, try the dark RP sims (vampire, etc). City of Angels, Midian, Toxian and a couple others are always packed. But be warned, they are really seedy! 🙂 City of Angels is probably the um… nicest of the lot, I guess 😛

  2. Heh, heh, thanks for the tips, I’ll expore at my peril!

  3. Dear Caterin,
    isn’t bear rose just the most chaotic store, great stuff but its hellish trying to find anything, love your blog btw!

    Love Taimi Valeeva

  4. Hello Taimi, thanks for dropping by and glad you like the blog. yes, Bare Rose is a mess but well worth the effort. See you inworld one day!

  5. I LOVE these mini kimonos! They look so cool.

    (By the way, I’ve changed my url)

  6. They are great, eh? I love Bare Rose, it’s chaotic but there’s always something interesting to be found

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