Piano 28 – Transylvania Castle

So, a visit to Vlad’s castle in old Transylvania. This gig called for my beloved Stella gown from Draconic Kiss. The Stella rarely passes without a comment or two, thus perfect bait for some vampire hunting…or so I thought.

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I was accompanied on the jaunt by Marion, who looked splendid in vampire skin, hair and outfit. Outside Transylvania castle is a disco thingy, so Marion and I danced for a short while as we checked out the scene.

Then it was time for the main event. We climbed a flight of long steps to the main gates and through into the castle.

After wandering around darkened corridors we stumbled across a grand piano. I waited around for Vlad to turn up, my Second Life virgin neck awaiting the sudden bite! But alas no Vlad. Perhaps he was dancing to the gothy dirge blaring up from the courtyard disco.

I played a couple of numbers from the first Nick Cave LP (‘A box for Black Paul’ being my particular favourite).

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After the session we retired to a comfy room, intent on giving Vlad one last chance. But no, he failed to materialize, all bark with no bite!

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Want to know more about this piano madness of mine? See this page.

~ by catrin23 on February 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Piano 28 – Transylvania Castle”

  1. Caterin — a pleasure to finally meet you in person yesterday, if only briefly and in passing. I do hope to cross paths with you again some time.

    Incidentally, have you indulged in playing the piano in the Avilion formal ballroom? Somehow, I think the ambiance would be perfect for you in one of your beautiful gowns. (No SLURL at the moment, but I can send it next time I’m in-world, if you’d like.)

  2. That’s funny – I could have sworn it was Lizst! 😉

    Good to see you yesterdau, although briefly – we must go vampire-hunting again!

  3. Saw a piano in a Club in Purgatorio (sim). 😉

  4. Ged: I checked out the Avilion ballroom, expect a post soon!
    Marion: Brahms and Lizst perhaps?
    Ana: Thank you, I’ll check that one out soon

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