Piano 29 – Avilion Ballroom

This one was suggested by my friend Ged Larsen, creator of the fabulous LoopRez. The Avilion Ballroom is a sumptuous medieval-themed dance venue in the centre of a grand castle.

Ged didn’t request anything specific so I played a number of vaguely medieval tunes, sort of. Heh heh.

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I wore Natalia‘s wonderful Anna gown and Goddess II (apricot) hair, purchased on a recent trip to ETD.

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After the medieval tracks I pumped out some rock ‘n’ roll and was told to quieten down or leave…you can’t please everyone.

Want to know more about this piano madness of mine? See this page.

~ by catrin23 on February 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Piano 29 – Avilion Ballroom”

  1. The Avilion is a pretty place, though, isn’t it? I don’t know that you had to play “medieval” though… (Were there Gregorian monks chanting accompaniment?) The streaming music I heard while there ranged from U2 to some horrible 70’s elevator music.

    My fondness for the Avilion ballroom is that around 3 days ago, it was the second place ever in SL that I have danced. Of course, moments later, the sim crashed, suggesting that I should avoid dancing.

  2. I had the music turned off, which was the right choice by all accounts. Ignore the sugggestion that you can’t dance, the gods are often wrong…I’ll see you at the Sphynx sometime, ok?


  3. Caterin, Avilion is a VERY VERY romantic sim! *wink* One could hardly stand still with a gown and not be invited for a dance 🙂

    And I see that Ged started to frequent the “romance” places… heehee

  4. Well I saw him at the Blue Note last night, he promised to work on his dance moves 😉

  5. > And I see that Ged started to frequent the “romance” places… heehee

    Hey! And I see that Natalia has started hanging out in murderous locales, nuclear wastelands, automobile racing, and, of course, the ever romantic, delicate, and quaint pastime of Sumo wrestling. And, how could I forget, cross-dressing as SL Steve. 😉

    (Poor Natalia — she travels so widely and experiences so much that it’s far too easy to pick and choose her more “interesting” entries.)

    No worries, at all these “romantic” places, I’m the quintessential wall-flower, just watching and enjoying the ambiance, before making a hasty retreat.

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