Beach, absinthe, fairies…

Marion and I had travelled down to Venice Beach in search of long, straight highways on which to ride my Vespa. The instruction manual insisted I could carry a passenger, we tried and tried but could find no way to achieve this feat. I had a quick spin around, smashing into shop windows, scattering pedestrians…the usual mayhem of Caterin on a Vespa.

Then we decided to explore the beach. This was also an excellent opportunity to try out the swimwear I’d purchased from Poppy Designs a short while ago.

It was peaceful on our floating thing, a light breeze and cloudless skies…perfection!

It was so perfect I decided to pull out the absinthe my friend Karen had turned me on to. After a few seconds of sipping the green stuff a bunch of mischievous fairies appeared and begun to dance around us. Pretty soon I was stumbling about the floating-thing, falling off into the deep, deep sea a couple of times.

Just before things became really frantic, Marion suggested TPing off to see her friend Bacon Rolls. I was in no mind to agree or disagree and before I knew it found myself 400 metres up in the air, in the skypad home of Mr Bacon Rolls.

And luckily I was dressed perfectly for the occasion. I jumped into a lush pool and floated serenely on my back

Bacon turned off the lights and suddenly the night sky was full of stars, the first I’ve seen in SL.

We floated around for a long time, it was so relaxing. Spliffs were handed out and I broke open another bottle of absinthe, much fairy-related havoc followed.

~ by catrin23 on March 21, 2007.

12 Responses to “Beach, absinthe, fairies…”

  1. so relaxing…….. lovely pictures

  2. it was so much fun!

  3. get a first life!

  4. And why, ed, should I do that?

  5. Because the first life is the real life where you really can experience these things you descrive on Second Life. How can you say it was peaceful on that floating thisn and describe the breeze and the absinth experience and fairies and so on. these thing are not happening, they are in your computer. to really feel the breeze you have to leave your computer and step outside, to feel the water you have to go the beach and get into the water and smell the breeze and to expereince absinth, you would have to actually drink it, taste it and feel the effect and then maybe you will see the fairies in you mind, not on your screen…

    Nothing wrong with Second Life, just that it seems to become some sort of escape that can dangerously distort reality…

  6. By the way, your Second Life avatar looks gorgeous!

  7. Thank you Ed for your kind comment!

    I think there is an interesting discussion to be had about First Life, Second Life and the nature of reality. My experiences in Second Life are real, they happen. I feel excitement, boredom, anxiety, happiness in SL. And yes, when I floated on the water I could feel it, when my friend gave me a massage in SL, I felt relaxed from it.

    Of course, such feelings come from the stored memory in my head but the same can be said for much of what I experience in First Life.

    It’s a complicated issue and I don’t think I’ve explained myself very well. Yes, SL can be an escape from First Life issues, but so is drinking in a pub, eating too much food or taking drugs.

    Just about everything we do in First Life is spent worrying about the past or fretting over the future, all fantasys and projections.

    Ed, just how much time do you spend in unconditioned reality? How much time do you spend in Frist Life not in some fantasy or self-obsessed internal chat? What is this ‘reality’ you worry about disorting?

    Also, last question, have you tried SL Ed?

    Thanks for posting your comments, it’s good to air all this. Cx.

  8. I don’t deny that you can experience excitement, boredom, anxiety, happiness or sadness. These are more in the realm of an abstract nature, that can be felt in the same way as when you read a book, watch a movie, have a phone conversation, etc.

    But when you feel sensations that require physical interaction is where I think it becomes a little scary. I have this vision of the future sometimes where our vocal chords stop working as part of evolution because we stop talking to each other and just write or “chat” on the Internet.

    I don’t understand how anyone can “feel” water or get a “buzz” from something you didn’t touch or drink… Maybe it’s just me too attached to this world.

    It’s true that sometimes we spend a lot of time fantasizing or daydreaming, I know I do. And Second Life can help simulate some of those fantasies, I guess. But they are just that and they have no physical meaning. I guess the short can be tall and the obese can be thina dn the poor can be rich, I could even say I’m a beautiful girl, but still it’s not true.

    I guess you are right, this is very complex philosophical matter that will not find a solution, because everybdoy is different.

    To your question of whether I tried Second Life, I did. I tried it like a year or two ago for the free trial period and cancelled it.

    I tried it again recently and this time I paid for a full year, but I haven’t been on it since I joined. I guess I’m not the type to sit in front of a computer for hours when I can be doing something real, even if it’s not that much fun.

    I think part of the reason for these things to proliferate is that we are under the idea that we have to constantly amused. We don’t know what to do with ourselves when nothing is happening.

    Anyway, it’s funny how I got to this blog. I’t because it contained the word Vespa. See, I ride a Vespa and have an alert set up in my email that has links to anything that has the word Vespa. Hence I found you…

    Just in case, the Vespa is real. I don’t know about yours…

  9. Hi Ed, I agree with a lot of what you say but I also think you’re taking it all a bit too seriously, it’s just a bit of fun.

    I know fully that experiences in SL can never compete with the same experiences in RL. On the other hand, SL gives me the opportunity to do things I can never, ever, do in RL, it’s a short cut to the same experience one has when lucid dreaming…only a lot less work.

    Yeah, I do spend too much time in front of the PC, my arms and wrist tell me that…when it gets warmer I’ll move outside…

  10. No, don’t misunderstand me. If I took life so seriously I wouldn’t be riding a Vespa zig-zagging through traffic in northern NJ.

    It is probably me, I need to have the senses of touch and smell to really feel something.

    The world of VR hasn’t given me so far the feeling of being there.

    Maybe if I venture again into SL I’ll see you riding your Vespa (I presume your Vespa is in SL, not RL like mine).

    By the way, how do you build an avatar that looks so good? Mine just looks kind of plain and generic…

  11. Tips for looking good in SL? Keep aware of whats going on, read the fashion blogs ( for guys), note what others are doing but continue developing ones own style. Hunt down the best desingers, don’t be afraid to spend a few linden on quality…

  12. Ed, when you say: “How can you say it was peaceful on that floating thisn and describe the breeze and the absinth experience and fairies and so on. these thing are not happening, they are in your computer.”

    How is that any different than any other video game? People can say they had fun shooting or killing people or things while playing Halo, or talk about how a car handles on the road while playing Need for Speed – so why can’t someone describe lounging in a pool in SL?

    And I hope you do understand that writers do sometimes take liberty with their descriptions, and perhaps embellish from time to time to make a story more entertaining….

    And while you say it’s easy to distinguish between RL and SL, you sure seem to be confused about whether her V espa is real or not…

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