The Elven Sisters – Lost in Tanglia part 1

Bailey and I had been to Tanglia a few times and both really liked the island sim. I had enjoyed the extended tour by Talia Jiang and was intrigued by the fantasy role-playing that took place across the island. I suggested to Bailey we give the role playing a go, she agreed and we set a date.

Talia was kind enough to supply us with Elven body-shapes and some handy tips. Bailey and I deiced to play twin Elven sisters. The story, according to Bailey, Is that she was born several minutes after me. Apparently this was the mystical work of our mother who after setting sight on me realised somehow I’d need a protector to keep me out of trouble and thus produced a sister. This is what Bailey believes, I, on the other hand, believe it is just a ploy for her to boss me around.

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We slipped on our elven bodies and gowns, all ready for the grand adventure.

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Before setting off I consulted the tarot, laying-out a simple three card spread. The first card represents the immediate past, still impacting on the present. The middle card represents the present and the final card the future, or what could be the future.

It was a spread full of omen. The Hanged Man represents well the uncertainty of our task, the world thrown upside down by the loss of our home, the kingdom of Helinkia and our arrival on this strange island of Tanglia. The Tower card represents dramatic (and possibly disastrous) change, the outcome of which could be a victory for good or evil.

Luckily the middle card is a blessing. The Star is the symbol of our homeland, Helinkia. The card shows that even in our lost, perilous, state we still came under the protection of the great Helink, goddess of water and trees, our protector.

After some hours of wandering, we came across a set of Elven drums. My sister and I are accomplished drummers and spent a happy hour beating out the hypnotic rhythms we’ve known since childhood.

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After the drumming we ventured down to the coast. I found a bottle of wine of which I gladly took advantage. My sister scolded me for my rash act, ‘what if it is the wine of demons’? she demanded. I ignored her and quickly finished off what was left in the bottle, it tasted good. I felt slightly giddy, the noise of the drums returned to my ears, over the horizon I saw the evening star, the start of Helink, I knew we were safe.

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My sister, on the other hand, became quite cross and we wasted precious minutes bickering over the death-bed message our mother had supposedly given Bailey regarding my mischievous and wayward nature. Pah!

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We wandered inland and came across what we thought was a Panther Woman village. Nearby we found a large impaling stake, encrusted with the reddest of blood. It is a frightening place, yet, I feel these women may be able to help us in our quest…

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At last, a place of safety. A village in a tree, beautiful blue blossoms. For the first time my sister and I felt we could relax.

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Which we did until interrupted by the arrival of a man from the sky. We were immediately on our guard, ready to use our deadly elven martial art skills. Luckily for us all, the man turned out to be on the side of good and was able to impart some useful information about the island of Tanglia.

The night was drawing in, the man left. My sister and I decided to settle down for the evening in the relative safety of the tree village.

Part two to follow…

~ by catrin23 on April 1, 2007.

6 Responses to “The Elven Sisters – Lost in Tanglia part 1”

  1. Had a tremendous time with you my sister, though what do you mean about me bossing you around? Is that what I get for my gift of goodness? So ungrateful of you…

    Blowing magical elven kisses,

  2. mmmmmm the relative safety of being tucked in for the night in a tree village with Bailey(isn’t that some kind of oxymoron?).

    Kisses T

  3. Bailey is my Elven sister and protector. What exactly are you implying Ms Valeeva?

  4. Ms Valeeva must have meant the fact that the safety I provide isn’t relative, but absolute…I’m sooo sure that’s what she had in mind, as even someone as wicked as her must admit that there’s no safer place to be than with me!!!

  5. Me! nothing whatsoever(well nothing I wouldn’t do myself anyway!)

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