The quest for food (Piano 44)

I was finishing off the first draft of my Second Life memoirs when I felt a certain rumbling in my stomach.

Gosh! Three hours had past since my last snack. By some strange coincidence I was on the IM with Bailey and she confessed to also feeling somewhat hungry.


So, we decided to hunt down somewhere in Second Life where a good meal could be found. Bailey suggested the Sublime Restaurant. We TPed off and checked out the extensive menu.

The Sublime also has a piano. I played Wonderwall by Oasis while Bailey sang tunefully along.


To our dismay we discovered a 24hr reservation is necessary…and the joint was empty. This did not go down well with our stomachs and my fingers began nervously fingering the sheath of my new Elven sword.


Luckily, Bailey knew of another venue, the Mujina-Ann Family Restaurant. We TPed off in a rush and soon found ourselves in a pleasant setting, ready for feeding! We studied the menu and ordered everything, including copious amounts of vino. All for free!


The food was delicious (though we didn’t care for the salad), and I’ll certainly be returning for more.


Want to know more about this piano madness of mine? See this page.

~ by catrin23 on April 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “The quest for food (Piano 44)”

  1. Is nothing sacred to you people you know Oasis is off limits to the pair of you! I will deal with Bailey later!!!!!

    Kisses T

  2. and I think she can lose the red hair too! there’s only room for one Fiery redhead bloger in SL!!!!!!!!

  3. Right, scared already… What can I say, red hair’s hot and I gotta have what’s hot!

    It was lots of fun Cat, and guess what, I even managed not to raid the RL fridge when I logged out it 1 am!!! I used all my willpower ya see…

  4. Thanks, I thought the striped socks were a good find as well ;).

    Love the restaurant reviews and the uber-hot sword.

  5. B & T: Now, now, you two, no arguing before the big day! Though, I think T might be right, one fiery red head is enough in SL!

    Aikerepine: The sword is somewhat hot to handle, it brings out my bad, mad side!

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