The Elven Sisters – Armed and Dangerous (Lost in Tanglia pt II)

Update: With her Elven sister Bailey under the intoxicating charms of the human sorceress Taimi Valeeva (‘Taimi the Red’), Caterin finds herself requiring weaponry and a teacher…

So, I had a sword but was slightly unsure how to use it. I had hoped to practice on Bailey’s rabbit but my sister was missing, presumed spellbound, and I was forced to fall back on my own resources if the glories of our lost land of Helinkia were ever to be restored.

(Having said that, there are some benefits to a missing sister. I can now further my shamanic/alchemical explorations, i.e. liquor from the Dwarves and hallucinogens from the Demons, without suffering endless sighs and disapproving bad looks).

Luckily for me, my friend Peter Stindberg had offered to take me on as a pupil in the art of swordplay. I met up with Peter, dressed in a lovely Elven outfit designed by Natalia, in Tanglia and we quickly got down to work.


The training area was already littered with internal organs, splattered blood and various body parts.


My first lesson was against straw dummies. These were quite easy to dispatch and they soon tasted the clean steel of my pure Elven sword. I also managed to slice the sword through my gown, much to the amusement of the circling vultures.


My first fight against Peter was a different matter and after a few strokes I was flat on my face, dead.


Fortunately this is Second Life and I was able to bounce back, fit and fearless for another try, with no injuries other than those inflected on my pride.


This time Peter sheathed his sword and offered me his bare chest to carve up. After ages of huffing and puffing on my behalf he toppled over in neat pile of entrails. Unfortunately he jumped back up before I could get a snapshot of my prize.

Sword fighting is hard work, especially on the mouse hand which is not good for my occasional RSI. So perhaps I should give archery a try?

My heartfelt thanks to Peter for giving me the skills necessary to continuing questing for the glory of my lost motherland – Helinkia.

BTW, anyone know anything about these human sorceresses, esp’ ones with red hair?

~ by catrin23 on April 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Elven Sisters – Armed and Dangerous (Lost in Tanglia pt II)”

  1. Dear sister, do not worry, I shall attempt to escape from the power of the sorceress occasionaly to join you on our quest (and you were hoping you might get rid of me…). However, as the power of my captor is strong beyond imagination, I will always have to return to the castle where she leads me (see, I told you to avoid poisoned potions for a reason, as some spells can never be broken, as their victim does not wish to do so – isn’t that the ultimate cruelty?

    I’m with you in my thoughts (when I’m not possessed, that is),

    Your Sister Bailey

  2. I can only think that you must be talking about another Taimi Valeeva in second life, as I am sweetness and light and everything nice.

    Kisses T

  3. Oh dear, Caterin…You are armed! Let the SL guys beware 😛 Sounds like you are having fun with it though 🙂 Heehee watch out for drinks from Dwarves 😛

    I fear for your poor sister Bailey…oh the fate that awaits her in the grasp of that round-ear sorceress Taimi…:P

    This is Talia BTW…Natalia has been closeted away for some time…she is up to something, I tell you…

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