SL gig II – Peet Peterman at Miso’s (again!)

I popped into Miso’s just to check out the scene last Saturday night and who did I come across? Peet Peterman sound checking for another gig, that’s who (see previous PP gig review)!

I immediately settled myself down in the front row and IMd Bailey, who in turn IMd Taimi and before I knew it all three of us were sitting together, anticipating another stirring set from PP.


Peet played an enjoyable set, including a Dylan number in Dutch. The penultimate number was also in Dutch and sounded spookily similar to one of my favourite tracks by the Libertines. I asked Peet about it and he said it was a Dutch folk song…maybe Pete Docherty and Carl Barat have some explaining to do.


After the gig we hit the dance floor. I danced with Mr Grouch March who had forgotten we had met before (really! I hadn’t realised such a thing was possible!!), while B & T did a slow-step smoochy dance, looking quite the handsomest of couples.


So, all in all, a good gig. Peet is certainly worth checking out and Miso’s is a fine, friendly venue. Thanks to all for a great night out.

~ by catrin23 on May 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “SL gig II – Peet Peterman at Miso’s (again!)”

  1. That was very cool, I’m only sorry that I wasn’t there sooner on, but still, it was the first SL gig I went to, and it was absolutely fabby!

  2. Goood I’m stunning and you two are quite cute too!

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