Piano – 47 MMAC World Stage

The Multimedia Arts Center (suggested by Gum, yet again!) is actually half a dozen or so venues in one. Many of the rooms contain a piano, so I settled for the World Stage, which is by far the grandest setting.


I played a number by Satie (I know Gum loves that kind of thing)


Sadly the venue was entirely empty, so I pleased myself by firing off a medley of be-bop standards at a breakneck pace.


After the set I searched the MMAC from top to bottom for a bar but none was to be found.

I find it amazing that the MMAC owners will cram six or so venues into one building and not bother with a bar. Where the hell are we supposed to show off our new clothes, smoke ciggies, down a few cocktails and chat inconsequentially about other people? Hmmmm, answer me that!

I fear the MMAC won’t be long in this fast changing world if they can’t get the bleedin’ essentials sorted out. (note to self: expect hurt email from MMAC owners pointing out the luscious bar located somewhere quite obvious).

Want to know more about this piano madness of mine? See this page.

~ by catrin23 on May 13, 2007.

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