Little Foxes

You know what I like about Second Life? I like the surreal bits, the bits that are certainly not anything like First Life. This is why I rarely go to SL ‘English pubs’, most of the so-called ‘clubs’ or any of that awful casino/slingo stuff. It’s all so yawnsville, really.

But I do like to explore and sometimes will enter ‘pub’, ‘bar’ or ‘club’ into the search and just see what comes up. This is how I came upon the Herd Thinners Pub.

Actually, the bar itself was empty but I could see some avie name-titles outside. I wandered out and came across two foxes (Jester and Kristalynn). I stared at them, they stared at me. Then, gaining confidence, they scurried up and began sniffing around my feet and demanding food.



Sadly I had no consumables on my person and suggested the obvious, well known traditional methods for foxes to fill their stomachs. One of the foxes playfully suggested eating me (and as these words were spoken I felt my elven sword glowing hungrily in my inventory), I smiled sweetly and gave them the address of Bailey’s bunny.

As we were talking, one Gideon McMillan entered the scene and dispensed heaving platters of sausage and egg for the foxes. Boy, the food looked good. The animals gorged themselves contentedly.


Just then a magnificent dragon by the name of Chixor swept down. The foxes looked up, startled, and began to growl and whimper. Sensing trouble, Gideon served the dragon up with a huge pile of steaks and peace was quickly restored.


With all the food devoured the foxes ran off to their cave for a siesta and the dragon leapt back into the sky.

Gideon and I chatted about the bar and the inhabitants of the area. He handed me a landmark for a place where I could become a dragon…or a hedgehog!

I will have to return and explore this part of the world in greater depth.

~ by catrin23 on May 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Little Foxes”

  1. Wow, talk about throwing food at the problem! I never knew that was a solution to so many crisis situations, I will have to remember that! Although I’m quite sure I have no sausage, eggs or steaks in my inventory. I better run by the IHOP and get some food to go!

    Thanks for the tips, Caterin! Oh, and you had better show for the next blogger party. *g*

  2. Well, it was Gideon who supplied the food. However, I always now carry steak and eggs when out questing.

    Oh, and I’ll certainly be at the next blogger party, look forward to meeting up with you then!

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