My good friend Taimi took me out on her boat.


We sailed around islands, sipping chilled Cava.


I leant back and took in the sun.


Bailey joined us and we began to sing old sea-shanties.


Taimi threated to make us walk the plank if we continued singing.

~ by catrin23 on June 3, 2007.

8 Responses to “Boating…”

  1. I’d tell Taimi to chill – no one wants to see you girls walk the plank

  2. I must be the only person in SL that can take a friend for a sail and end up looking bad out of the whole thing!

  3. oh, dear Taimi, it was a jest! I loved the trip and look forward to the next 😉

  4. Pouts in the corner……………

  5. Yeah, I think I gotta side with Taimi on this one – after all, it’s not like she forced you guys to only wear deck shoes while on the boat, and instead let everyone dress as fashionably as they desired, to include allowing high heels on deck (scandalous, I say!). And really, how is she going to convince other friends (or strangers for that matter: Hi, Taimi, I’m Wrath!) to ride along if the other passengers are belting out sea shanties?! I’m not saying you should stick to playing the piano Caterin, far from it, but couldn’t you and Bailey have chosen music a bit more contemporary to sing while boating, such as, did you guys forget the words to the classic “99 Bottles of Beer” or something? hehe

  6. I’ve been told I sing really nicely Wrath…but maybe Taimi is sick of listening to me singing in the shower every day (I’m hard to live with…)

  7. yes, high heels on a boat are not a good idea, i did mention this to T. As for the shanties, i’m an old fashion gal, that’s what one is supposed to sing at sea!

  8. Hi Caterin!
    Thanks for your comment! You have a great blog! I enjoyed so much I started to read it from the beginning.
    It’s so nice when people post pictures of their adventures in SL, so we can see all these things that one can do. SL is so full of possibilities, we can only be limited by our imagination!
    All the best, and take care!

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