In praise of Kyle Beltran

Now, I’ve attended a few gigs in Second Life. From the ‘not bad’ to the downright awful. And yes, I know certain ‘name’ outfits such as Duran Duran (yeah, right) and U2 (snooooooooooze) have trod the boards but as far as I’m concerned, nothing, I repeat nothing, can touch Kyle Beltran.

Last Friday was the fourth time I’ve seen Kyle play at the Meatspace and I really have to say, the gigs just get better and better (see earlier post). I would very, very happily pay proper pound sterling to see Kyle play at a London venue. I can easily imagine him having the crowd at Ronnie Scott’s just eating out of his hand.

Not only does Kyle play a wicked piano and sing the finest of songs, he’s also a witty and charming chap, the talk-filled gaps between songs are often as enjoyable as the music itself.

As you can see from the picture below us gals were queuing up to stretch out on the piano and allow the blues to wash over us.


So, if you love bluesy jazz piano, if a wonderful mix of Mel Torme, Ray Charles and a smattering of Tom Waits is your cup of tea, then rush down to the Meatspace and check out his frantic schedule (oh, and he plays sets for us European timezoners and as well as those residing in the American continent alike, what a man!).

On the other hand, please don’t go at all! Kyle belongs to us, the lucky few, and we don’t really want to share him.

~ by catrin23 on June 27, 2007.

3 Responses to “In praise of Kyle Beltran”

  1. Oh my! Kyle Beltran’s music sounds exactly like my cup of tea, and being able to stretch out on the piano like Michelle Pfeiffer did in “The Fabulous Baker Boys” … I really look forward to hear him one day.

  2. Hi Therese, yes, do go and see Kyle, you won’t regret it!

  3. […] day party. He is a pianist and extremely talented. Not only does he play and sing well, but he has witty and amusing conversation to accompany the singing. You can catch Kyle in just a few days when he performs on Jan 25. I took […]

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