Pianos 69 and 70- The Quest for Falln

My friend Cake told me about the pianos of Falln:

[12:53] Caterin Semyorka: Hi Cake, where did you see these pianos then?
[12:54] Cake Kidd: One in Falln Sanctuary in the castle..
[12:54] Cake Kidd: But beware, a demon is guarding it…
[12:55] Caterin Semyorka: ohhh, it’ll wear my cowgirl boots
[12:55] Caterin Semyorka: best protection against demons
[14:11] Caterin Semyorka: you’re allowed to request a song, since you found the piano
[14:12] Cake Kidd: Well, the one in the castle plays the moonlight sonata… which is very dear to my heart…
[14:12] Caterin Semyorka: i can do that
[14:12] Cake Kidd: BTW, it is in the highest tower., two rooms from the top…
[14:13] Caterin Semyorka: sounds scary
[14:13] Cake Kidd: It is…
[14:13] Caterin Semyorka: i might have to enlist Bailey
[14:13] Cake Kidd: Don’t go near the torture chamber…
[14:13] Caterin Semyorka: no way
[14:13] Cake Kidd: Unless you feel very, very, morbid…

Well, after that I was just aching to get going…

Caterin falln quest

I put on my questing outfit, enlisted the aid of my beloved elven sister, Bailey, and my stout-hearted friend Mikka, and set of for Falln.

We spent some time faffing about trying to find the entrance to Falln Castle, until Bailey flew off on her own and before I knew it, a LM was hovering above my head. Clicking bought me to the inner courtyard of the castle.

We quickly found a room offering my favourite green fairy absynthe. We downed a few glassess, on the one hand for dutch courage, on the other to help induce a mystical vision that might lead me to the pianos’ location.

Caterin falln quest

The good green stuff worked its magic and we soon found ourselves in a huge hall, dominated by an an enourmous organ. Well…I leapt on and played a brace of numbers by Bauhaus, which seemed right in the Gothic surroundings.

Caterin falln quest

We kept our eyes open for the evil demons, my elven sword was restless in its sheath. Sadly the little monsters must all have been asleep, or away running errands, or something.

Finally we made our way to the tower, and there it was, the second piano. Cake had requested Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’…and luckily the music sheet was right in place, almost as if it were waiting for me…

Caterin falln quest

In the next room up Bailey and Mikka found a coffin to share while I had a sneaky cigarette on the balcony.

Caterin falln quest

Then it was time to go…down. Now, as everyone knows, stairs going down in SL must always be followed…and these were no exception.

Caterin falln quest

The dungeon rooms were full of unpleasant looking contraptions. Bailey suggest I try out the one sitting behind me in the picture below. She mentioned something about ‘mince meat’. Had she been here before?

Caterin falln quest

I ignored her suggestions, reminded her we were supposed to be elven sisters and set off across the room to sulk in an odd looking chair.

Caterin falln quest

The quest was more or less over, the pianos found and the demons routed (well, ok, they didn’t turn up)

Caterin falln quest

Bailey and I tried out some elven poses in a lovely garden outside the gates of Falln castle.

Caterin falln quest

We were joined for a while by a vampire by the name of Mkal Jun, a gay vampire it turned out, so he wasn’t interested in biting our necks and sucking our blood, oh well!

BTW Falln castle is a great place to visit, highly recommended.

Want to know more about this piano madness of mine? See this page.

~ by catrin23 on July 18, 2007.

6 Responses to “Pianos 69 and 70- The Quest for Falln”

  1. Caterin, I swear… Sometimes you just get so lucky. You better be glad no demons appeared – you totally forgot to put on your cowboy boots!! Good luck fighting off evil in those sandals, sheesh. Probably a good thing Bailey was available to chaperone you. 😉

    Oooh, Bauhaus, very nice! Hope you played all of my favourites. 🙂

  2. Gosh, you’re right, the boots! How in heaven’s name did I forget the boots?

    As for Bauhaus, I played Bela Lugosi and a few other early tracks, IMHO it was all downhill from there afterwards for Petey and boys.

  3. This must have been fun. What weird looking chairs. They look as if as they were designed by Giger.

  4. Whats the slurl of this place, it looks so cool, I couldnt find it in search! thanx 🙂

  5. Hi Eppie, try using the map search, just type Falln into the search box you’ll see the location straight away. Cat 🙂

  6. Greetings.
    I find it nice that you mentioned our meeting in Falln.
    Safe paths
    Dark Lord Mkal Jun

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