Piano 72 – Camp Hell

My friend, Wrath Paine, told me about the piano at Camp Hell.

There it sits, a lovely white piano in the middle of an Orwellian camping nightmare. The actual name of the place is ‘Twin Towers rebuilt’ which kind of adds to the all-encompassing surrealistic horror of the place.

I banged out a few Throbbing Gristle ‘tunes’ in an attempt to waken the campers from their slumber but to little avail.

Caterin at camp hell

After the gig I wandered around the camp, it was a dispiriting place. The young and the beautiful wasting their precious second lives all for a miserable 5L per 30 mins.

What is it with these guys? Let’s see now…maths isn’t my strong point, but to purchase the latest gorgeous outfit from xxx designer, a snip at 300L, would take one of these poor fools 30 hours!

So…here’s a suggestion…why not spend that time setting up ebay and paypal accounts, selling a batch of unplayed CDs, discarded books, etc and then converting that hard cash into some lovely lindens. They you can kick Brother Yuri (see below) into touch and go out and have some hard-core FUN!!

Around Camp Hell are these unpleasant signs outlining the 6 commandants for campers.

Caterin at camp hell

It was all too much.

It was then I decided to try and get myself banned by breaking rules 2-5.

‘Down with camping! You’re all nuts!’ I shouted. Nothing happened.

‘To hell with Brother Yuri and his running-lackey pig officers!!’ I yelled. Nothing happened.

‘Bollocks, shit, fuck!!!’ I bellowed out. Nothing happened.

The campers continued nodding-out in an undead slumber. Brother Yuri’s officer’s failed to materialise and evict me. Dejected and feeble, I walked slowly out of the square, mumbling quietly to myself.

Want to know more about this piano madness of mine? See this page.


~ by catrin23 on July 25, 2007.

8 Responses to “Piano 72 – Camp Hell”

  1. That must have been truly traumatizing. Btw is that hair by Natalia? You look great in it!

  2. And you lived to tell about it! Well done, Caterin!! Are you forever traumatized, now? 😦

    I tried getting banned there myself several times, but it’s not as easy as the sign says. Unless the owner is in the area, I guess.

    What did you think about all the skyscrapers? I liked the downtown look, just too bad a camp site is right in the middle, kind of ruins the effect.

  3. I love the red tips on the fringe of your hair — I’ve told myself it’s in honor of the “hell” component to your trip.

    Keep up the fabulous work! I’m always scoping out for pianos for you!

  4. Bailey: Thank you B. Yes it’s one of Natalia’s

    Wrath: I didn’t get the chance to look at the skyscrapers, the horror of the situation was too much!

    Rosie: Yes, it was hell but I feel it’s my duty to report back on atrocities such as this…

    Let’s all go down as an angry mob and get banned!

  5. When I was new in SL I was desperate for cash myself. It took me weeks of harvesting money trees and getting ripped off in casinos (or less ripped off by Sploders) until I decided to put some “real money”(tm) into SL. One of the most stupid things I did was buying an “anti idler”, so that I could camp while attending other tasks.

    I pride myself however that the first cash injection (the equivalent of 3 beers at the pub) was enough to get me running.

    I think a lot of people come into SL with a kind of “gold rush” phantasy. They get a reality shock soon enough, and that’s where the camping starts. To solve this, I think there should be a minimal enrollment fee (say 5 US$, to be paid after a 1 week period), so that newbies can get a start credit of ~ 1000 L$. This, together with a better initial avatar (a wardrobe with 3 sets of clothing, a better skin, a random set of prim hair) and some tutoring would make those abonimations a thing of the bad old days.

  6. it’s really strange, today, to think how proud i was as a newbie when i’d made 20L$ on a dance pad. (i used to read a book in front of my computer and just touch the mouse now and then so i weren’t logged out for inactivity.) as i was lured onto a stage and pole dancing, money came easier. step three was when i finally got a decent job (and wages) as a journalist. but as a newbie, i didn’t know how much money others had, so i could cherish the few i had. it’s like when you’re 5 years old: you’re happy if you can play with those that are 7. you don’t dream about playing with those that are 12. much as i think peter stindberg has a good point, i’m actually quite glad i went through all the phases and didn’t start out rich. now i can, like those old men in the monty python sketch, think back on my days as young and poor. alas, i was so much happier then … not.

  7. It was the sign that really depressed (and angered) me. The sign felt like an affront to the liberty and openess of SL, something I treasure and the main reason why I come back again and again.

  8. i agree, the sign was really unnecessary. please tell me if you’re gonna go back with an angry mob – i’m in!

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