Piano 85 – Umbra Penumbra

My friend, Wilhelmina Yoshikawa: found this one for me.  Umbra Penumbra is a nice little indy club with some kind of odd German fighter plane in the middle of the dance floor.  Fair enough, I say.

I bashed a few tunes on the old Johanna…

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…and  helped myself to freebie bar snacks.

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The snacks were a tad on the stale side, which can also be said for this piano lark…I need to find a new angle to it


Any suggestions?

~ by catrin23 on August 7, 2007.

5 Responses to “Piano 85 – Umbra Penumbra”

  1. Feeling bored? Then go shopping! 😉 PixelDolls is having a sale, seperates for 100 lindens a piece, and dresses for 200. Only 25 copies of each outfit are sold, and when they finish, they are finished. I went there today and bought myself three nice pieces 🙂 More info here: http://www.nafii.com/PixelDolls/
    It’s worth giving it a look.

  2. Ah, yes, I saw that…must go check it out, thanks Mina!

  3. Thanks, Wilhelmina :–) I now got some fab new dresses.

    Caterin: I suggest we start looking for fast food in SL. Or what if we simply go looking for treasure and simply take pictures of anything that qualifies as a “treasure”?

  4. I’ve written “simply” twice. Why can’t we edit our own comments :–(

  5. ah yes, WordPress is odd like that, simply not paying attention! Fast food…hmmm, sounds good!

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