Return of the mad monk

As any of my regular readers will know, this whole piano malarkey began on my first day in Second Life.

I was cursed by a mad monk after accidently stepping on the tail of his cape and humiliating him in front of his cohort. The curse was quite specific, I had to play every ‘god damned’ piano in SL, each one in a different outfit. Failure to do so would mean the end not just of me but the whole of SL (yes dear reader, all this piano stuff is done for your sake!)

Anyhow, I had not heard from the mad monk since that fateful date. Then, this Monday afternoon, as I was leaving Artilleri with a bulging shopping bag, a yellow taxi drew up beside me. And there he was in the back seat. He would the window down, pointed at my chest and said ‘I want a word with you’.

I got in the cab. ‘Keep on driving mouse’ the mad monk instructed our driver. I settled back into my seat, sparked up a ciggy and waited to see what would happen next.

Caterin in the taxi

After driving a while in silence the mad monk looked at me and began speaking.

“We’ve been watching you…you’re doing well”.

“Hmmm, thanks Mr Monk” I mumbled

“Things have changed” he replied, “I’ve disbanded the cohort, my monk brothers are dispersed, I’m changing direction, high finance, stocks, shares, futures etc. Sod this monk business”.

I nodded in agreement and lit up another fag.

“So, I can realease you from the curse…that is when you’ve reached piano 100”

I almost yelped with surprise and happines. Freed from the accursed pianos, wow!!

Caterin in the taxi

We rode on in silence.

The mouse pulled up outside my sky pad.

The ex-mad monk looked at me, “make the 100th a special one” he said, gaving me a chaste peck on the cheek. I climbed out of the cab and watched it speed off into the distance.

No more godamned pianos, what a relief!

~ by catrin23 on August 28, 2007.

5 Responses to “Return of the mad monk”

  1. Only 14 to go then, Caterin. But you say the monk’s name is Mr Monk? Hm, well, that makes me wonder …

  2. Welcome back, Cat! Hope you had a great time! And best wishes on your last 14 pianos.

    Wondering about Therese’s comment — did this Mr. Monk seem a bit obsessive-compulsive to you? Perhaps no, if you were smoking in the cab. 🙂

  3. Well, he is a mad monk so I would be suprised if he had no obsessive-compulsive tendencies. He did smoke three of my ciggies though…;)

  4. Veronique, it’s not only that Mr Monk seems obsessive-compulsive. There are certain other aspects about him that I find a little odd too, based on information that’s been given to me before. But in the end, I just know that Caterin will have no problems handling him, and it will all be okay. Although, you never know …

  5. […] roared, lightening crashed, then…a vision of the mad monk appeared before […]

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