Avatar Orchestra Metaverse

My friend, Gumnosophistai Nurmi, plays in the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and invited me to their recent gig at the Opera Populaire.

Naturally I had to buy a new gown for the event and quickly rushed off to Nicky Ree’s to purchase the gorgeous ‘Mooie Vogel’ gown I had had my eye on for a few days.

Therese agreed to join me on the jaunt and we TPed off to the gig. I love the Opera Populaire. It is a sumptuous build; I played the piano on the main stage earlier this year.

The Orchestra was still limbering up as Tess and I arrived so we refreshed ourselves at the bar and discussed this and that.


Gum told me that group would play in the main foyer and, in true avant-garde tradition, there was to be no separation between artists and audience.

Tess and I positioned ourselves in a prime location on the stairs as the venue began to fill up

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And then it began. Gum and his cohorts strolled through the audience, like so many pied pipers, playing their compositions. At the same time we (the audience) weaved through the musicians, the sounds changing as both parties performed a gentle dance around each other (that’s Gum in the blue, below).

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The only problem was the sim began to overheat and walking around became tricky, the audience and players eventually becoming stuck in laggy treacle. Predictably enough, the sim crashed.

However, the show must go on, the Orchestra and audience regrouped and we heard another couple of fine tunes.

I’d highly recommend checking the Orchestra out, see their website for details.

~ by catrin23 on October 8, 2007.

7 Responses to “Avatar Orchestra Metaverse”

  1. “avant-garde tradition”? surely shome mishtake – Ed.

    Fabulous gown!

    M x

  2. Hmmm, yes, from a semantic point of view I see what you mean dear M.

    Cat x

  3. I would be happy to check out the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, as long as you go too and wear that fabulous gown. Which I suppose would be a terrible faux pas. 🙂

    Clearly, I need to pop into Nicky Ree’s more often.

  4. Oh no,no, I’m always happy to wear THAT gown again!! 🙂

  5. Thanks for taking me along, Cat. I had a good time. As I said, I got a strange and mysterious feeling of being in a film by Stanley Kubrick. Lovely sim and strange music.

    Not sure if I like to be photographed next to you when you wear THAT gown, but well, hm, it’s okay for this time 😉

  6. hee hee, I promise to give you due warning next time i take it out of the wardrobe cat xx

  7. […] Nurmi invited me along to the latest gig by the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (AOM). I had seen the orchestra late last year and was keen once again to experience their beautifully constructed audio sound […]

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