Picture this…

I recently received an IM from Incandenza Thorne inviting me to visit her new art gallery. I liked her style; she didn’t send any unsolicited LMs or notecards, just a suggestion that I might enjoy the gallery. I IMed her back asking for directions and decided to visit next time I was inworld.

Before making my visit I read through the notecards sent by Incandenza. It seemed that the portraits in the gallery were of SL avatars, rendered into oil paintings by an artist residing in California.

I have to admit, the prospect of First Life avatar portraiture did not appeal. In fact the idea sounded a little tacky and I braced myself for yet another quick trip through yet another banal gallery (far too many of those in SL).

But boy! As soon as I saw the first painting I knew this was something special.


I was immediately struck by these paintings, they bring a real depth to an avatar snapshot.


The boxes underneath the portrait show the stages the painting went through.



And here is a shot of a portrait on easel in the artist’s lonely garret.

I love these paintings! It’s so good to find quality work in SL.

Incandenza’s gallery is only showing two paintings at the moment, I hope she’ll add more soon.

Go take a look yourself at: Incandescent, Yellow (219, 68, 21)

Most most certainly worth a visit.

~ by catrin23 on December 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “Picture this…”

  1. Wow! that is just amazing! Guess where I’m going next! 🙂

  2. Hi Roxette, let me know what you think!

  3. I want to let everyone know that, first, I love Caterin for her kind and thoughtful review of my gallery. But I also wanted anyone who happens to read this to know that I am eager for more samples in the gallery, particularly if the subject of the painting is not a white, human female. So guys, goths, and everyone with a creative avatar, if you sign up for a painting the artist has agreed to give you 1/2 price. Just ask for Inca 😉

  4. Wow… I will definitely have a look… these pictures are wonderful…

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