An afternoon at the cement works

FLSmidth is a Danish world-leading manufacturer of cement and minerals plants’ was the exciting announcement I found on arrival at the cement works (or ‘theme park’ as Mr Smidth insists on calling it).

Why was I at a cement works? Because it’s there, silly. Furthermore, I could pretty much guarantee the absence of campers, ‘ploders and the mournful soft-rock that tends to permeate this Second Life.

As a rule I don’t want First Life commerce in my Second Life. More guff from Coke, Nestle, etc, etc, who needs it? Not me.

However, a theme park dedicated to cement manufacturing is a little intriguing, and I do have a thing for industrial architecture but let’s not go into that right now.

First off I presented myself at reception and accepted the freebie t-shirt and safety helmet.


The t-shirt I quickly consigned to the rubbish bin. The helmet was a different matter, and, being a health and safety conscious kind of gal, I was happy to wear the thing.

I flipped the helmet onto my head only to discover, to my horror, that it was directly attached to my scalp, thus deposing my second-favourite SL hairstyle from its rightful position on my head.


Now health and safety is all fair and well but from a fashionista point of view the hairless-hat thing is just not this winter’s style. So the helmet was dumped and the hair restored.

Pull yer finger out FLSmidth and get this sorted out or your injuries statics will start rising!

With the helmet debacle out of the way I began my grand tour of the cement works.

First off I had a go on the heavy machinery with wheels. A yellow digger was my vehicle of choice.


Sadly, one was not permitted to move the digger around or dig anything, damn!

I then TPed up to the main office skypad and sat down to view a surprisingly interesting video on the history of cement in general and FLSmidth in particular.


I then toured the works itself, a huge affair with lots of useful boards that detailed the many and varied aspects of cement production.



Then, as a grand finale I came across a race track that acts as the perimeter to the works. Apparently, FLSmidth sponsor an ‘Eco-Car’ in some kind of ‘green’ racing event.


I leapt into the driving seat of the nearest car and manoeuvred, with some difficulty, onto the tarmac and took off slowly down the track.


Shifting the motor up into top gear I shot around the circuit like a veritable Jackie Stewart, until I spun off the track and demolished the portable lavatory and several industrial implements of unknown name.


Somewhat sheepishly I climbed out of the car and wandered over to an employee of the cement firm. I sat down next to him, hoping to strike up conversation. He was, however, otherwise engaged in cement-related matters and chose to ignore my entreaties.


I pulled out a cigarette, stretched my legs and felt happy with my afternoon at the works. When, and if, I ever need cement on an industrial-sized scale, I know exactly where to go.

~ by catrin23 on December 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “An afternoon at the cement works”

  1. This is great, Cat. You actually make me wanna visit a theme park dedicated to cement manufacturing 🙂

  2. You must go! It’s a great sim 😉

  3. From pianos to cement trucks, our little Caterin is now all growed up, awwwwww. 😉

    Good reporting, Cat! 🙂

  4. It’s the place where all the hep cats meet!

  5. Slightly off topic… but I do like your trousers in these pictures 🙂

  6. The trousers are leather and one of my favourite items of clothing! Glad you like them Cake

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