Blue is the colour

It’s commonly known in Second Life that blue is my favourite colour. It is the colour of many of my most beloved things:

So, as a tribute to that most wonderful of colours, and as a social/cultural experiment inspired by a Mean Girls post on skin-colour discrimination, I have decided to spend the entire month of January (and what is left of December) in blue.

  • all blue skin
  • blue or black hair
  • blue eyes (pale, in tribute to Mr Reed’s beautiful song),
  • mainly blue clothes and shoes

Surely if you were to cut my skin, blue pixels would pour out.

My very essence will be blue.

Stayed tuned and step into the blue.

Blue Cat

~ by catrin23 on December 29, 2007.

8 Responses to “Blue is the colour”

  1. As mentioned in-world already, I think the skin looks lovely on you. By the way, in German “to be blue” means to be intoxicated by alcohol… 😉

  2. Very cool !! Definitely a good winter colour on ya, Cat! 🙂

  3. You look very beautiful in blue, Cat. And hey, this is SL. Why not blue, or green, or purple? By the way, how about the film Trois couleurs: bleu, the album and song Blue by Joni Mitchell, “Blue Christmas” by Elvis, and, of course, the blues in general. Then again, you did say you could go on, and I have. 🙂

  4. Peter: Thank you! ‘Intoxicated by alcohol’?, I hope you’re not implying anything 🙂

    Wrath: Yes, Blue is very much a winter colour, cool but (i would hope) with some warmth…

    Veronique: Ah yes, Kieslowski’s films, how could i forget them? 😉

  5. Before everything I say can and will be used against me… can you pass along the Syrah please?

  6. Caterin passes the Syrah, along with a New Year’s kiss

  7. blue siberia is the name of a song by a dc based acoustic instrumental band called star fk radium. they have a cool video for the song on youtube.

  8. youtube “blue siberia” a very cool kaleidoscope set to an ambient acoustic instrumental band named star fk radium. the kaleidoscope is truly incredible for it never repeats. the song was inspired by lake baikal in eastern siberia (russia).

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