Satan hates me!

So there I was, harmlessly shopping with Therese when I spied Satan and his wife.

Well, I’m always keen to talk to celebrities and one cannot get much higher on the ‘A’ list than the Prince of Darkness ™ . I strode over, said ‘Hi’ and asked if hell had frozen over yet.

Ok, all things considered, maybe it wasn’t a good quip to make but did it deserve what was to come? (caution: rude words coming up).

Satan glared at me and snapped ‘Fuck off’, while his wife called us ‘tussies’, which is German for bitch, or someone who is shallow, superficial or just plain boring.

What is one to make of all that?

Actually, I’m pretty chuffed. As I said, one cannot get much higher in the grand chain of command than Mr Satan, I mean he is only a tiny number of steps away from the big G her/himself. And it’s not like i was struck down by lightening into the fiery furnaces deep down below.

If I can get away with the wrath of Satan’s displeasure, what is there that I can’t get away with!!?? The possibilities are endless (as is Satan’s displeasure but never mind that for now).

Afterwards Therese and I retired to the Blue Peppermint lounge for Sushi and popcorn, it was the least we could do to calm our frazzled nerves.

Blue Cat
Long live the Blueist International!

~ by catrin23 on December 31, 2007.

5 Responses to “Satan hates me!”

  1. I was waiting for that post – and I did not get disappointed!

    But has Satan really have to be German 😦

  2. Hey, I didn’t say Satan was German. His wife might be though!!

  3. In the book «Tales of protection» by Erik Fosnes Hansen, a person meets Satan. The devil says: «By the way, I don’t only speak middlehighgerman, but almost all European languages.» This is my translation from Norwegian, and «middelhøytysk» is the word being used. Would a German say «mitteloberdeutsch»? Peter?

  4. Mittelhochdeutsch. Oh my, that’s a long time since I had that at the university…

  5. Hi Cat
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a message. looking forward to reading about your adventures in the future

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