Blue Friday

Blue Fridays in Second Life traditionally start for me with a gig at Kyle Beltran‘s Meatspace club. On this occasion though, I started off by trailing Marion around a couple of gallery openings.


Then, at 9pm GMT I TPed off to Meatspace with Therese, Peter and Marion for a swinging session of the swingingest blues-jazz in all of SL.


As Tess and I danced the Lindy I spied a female avie, by the name of Femmebleu Indigo, with blue skin. I IMed Femmebleu to congratulate her on her blueness and requested a snapshot of the two of us together.


Femmebleu joined my Blueist group and we discussed the provisional manifesto of the Blueist International.

Sigh, blue nights in SL make me happy.


~ by catrin23 on January 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Blue Friday”

  1. Good to hear it was a good evening for you. For me it turned out to be a bad one. Thanks tho Therese who let me vent off my frustration on her and finally saved me from that mood.

  2. Looking forward to that Blueist International Manifesto, Caterin.

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