Khâny et Poky – blue girls in space

My friend Daniel Schumann sent me this link to Khâny et Poky, a couple of characters from an odd French cartoon strip. They are intergalactic blue girls, friends of one Yoko Tsuno.

Khâny (on the left)


The strip is in French so I shuffled the paragraph on Khâny and Poky through Babel Fish (always a fun exercise) and came up with the following:

“Khâny and its twin sister, Poky, girls with the blue skin resulting from the Vinéa planet towards which Yoko is very often involved in its adventures, become for our heroin, of sincere truths friends. Khâny and Poky were put in lethargy to resist the long voyages through the galaxies, and were awaked at different times. Poky is thus now much younger than its binocular.”

Poky (on the left)


So, here we have a couple of blue space girls with a slight ‘thing’ for binoculars…oh and they are lazy.

We need these gals in Second Life pronto, just my cup of tea!

~ by catrin23 on January 19, 2008.

6 Responses to “Khâny et Poky – blue girls in space”

  1. Yoko Tsuno! I love them! I must have 5 or 7 of them here at home.

  2. Oh, that’s brilliant! I used to read all of Yoko’s adventures (though the first ones are the best, IMHO). Binocular, mmm, yes. Context is everything. 🙂

  3. Well I never guessed these two were quite so popular!

  4. Want about 75% of the Yoko Tsuno strips? You may come and read them at my (RL) place? 😉

  5. Sure does sound as if I’m missing out on something BIG here!

  6. Should have been…

    “Khâny and her twin sister, Poky, are girls with blue skin, from a planet called Vinéa. Yoko our Japanese heroin is often involved with them in her adventures, and they become truths friends. Khâny and Poky were put in lethargy to resist the long voyages that took 2 million years to bring them from the M33 galaxies to this one, and were awaken at different times. Poky is thus now much younger than her twin sister Khâny.”
    And no, they are not lazy but have very, very advance technology, light years ahead of our.

    About 1/2 of yoko story’s are dealing with outer space and vinéans the other half are here on earth, and are not involved with them.
    The quality of the drawing and coloring are probably the best you’ll ever see in a cartoon strip, and although it’s sci-fy, a true effort have been given to stick to real physics and to real places in the worlds.
    EX. The cars are the real thing in every details, buildings and city’s etc. are exact replica. In all cases you can put an outside backdrop that is drawn in the book and compare it with the real thing and it is like a photo that would have been draw in every detail!!!!

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