Blue leopard antler girl

It all started at the World’s End Tavern on the island of Tanglia.

I was dancing with Cake Kidd and Therese Carfagno when I noticed a girl with a pair of beautiful antlers poking out of her hair. They were wonderful, giving her a wild, mysterious, shamanic look. I IMd the antler girl and discovered they were designed by Neon Pooka and available in the mall above the World’s End.

So, the very next day I TPd to back to Tanglia and purchased two pairs of antlers and here’s how they look:

Antlers at La Reve


I looked further around the Tanglia mall and my eyes were quickly drawn to a leopard spot skin created by Glass Earth. Actually it’s not a skin at all but clothes layers with spots, most clever. I’ve been on the look out for animal markings for a while having long been an admirer of Vint Falken’s beautiful avie.

So, armed and dangerous I TPed off to my current favourite nite spot for some serious snapshot taking…

Dancing at the Not To Hot club


Posing at the Not To Hot club


And that’s how I became the blue leopard antler girl.

~ by catrin23 on January 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Blue leopard antler girl”

  1. So it’s clothes layers? That means I can be leopard girl too? Don’t be surprised if I do …

    Thanks for inviting me to the Not Too Hot Club – great place!

  2. Why don’t you get the Zebra stripes? Then we can go on the prowl!!

  3. Deal!

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