Sacrifice of the Sun Prince

It was Cake’s idea. Well, it was she who teleported me to deepest Mexico in search of dragons, and that is where the events I am about to relate took place.

On arrival in Mexico we encountered a Brazilian vampire who I talked to in Spanish until running out of phrases. He didn’t know of any dragons but did recommend the disco club.

We bid farewell to the vampire and strode onwards and upwards in the direction of the great Aztec temple of Chichen Itza that dominates the sim.

After much huffing and puffing we reached the top of the temple and stopped for a breather.

I looked out to the bright sun, sitting like a huge golden coin in the sky and felt myself transported back to the days before Cortes and his bloodthirsty crew arrived on the scene. Back to the days of Tonatiuh, the Sun god and the uncountable rites enacted on this very monument.

At that same moment a young man, one Benton Hoch, appeared. Benton was wearing a t-shirt with the word Sun emblazoned across his muscular chest (well, in truth it read ‘Sun Microsystems’ but that is a minor detail). I knew immediately that he was THE ONE and Cake and I were the ONES who were meant to DO IT.

I looked at Cake, I could see she also knew.

“Hello Benton I said, “We’ve been waiting you, the time is right for the DEED that must be done”. Benton looked confused.

“The sacrifice” I clarified. “Tonatiuh must be fed, appeased, obeyed. He is asking for you, the Sun Prince”.

Cake unsheathed her hunting knife. “This way Sun Prince, follow us to the sacrificial chamber”

The Sun Prince was in a trance. Bewitched by our presence and the momentous occasion, he followed us without question into the sacrificial chamber and climbed up on to the altar.


I began the invocation and Cake started chanting, the noise echoed through the chamber, louder and louder. Then, as we reached a crescendo of sound, Cake took her knife in both hands, reached behind her head and brought the knife down in one swift, sure movement.

Then silence.


The Sun Prince left this mortal life to join his father in the sky. Tonatiuh was pleased with our labours and his smile reached out across the dusty Mexican plains.

Cake and I shared a cigarette and surveyed our handiwork, a good day’s work completed. At this point Therese turned up and scolded us for having a fag in a non-smoking zone. She had a point.

We stood outside the temple for a group photo, the reincarnated Sun Prince wisely keeping some distance from us (see left of pic)


Minutes later it all felt like a dream. Cake swore blind that she had committed no such slaughter and I protested loudly that I had not broken my one month abstention from ciggies.

The only thing left to do was take another group shot


(with thanks to Benton for being such a good sport!)


~ by catrin23 on February 1, 2008.

8 Responses to “Sacrifice of the Sun Prince”

  1. Cate,
    ROFL… This is too cool ! And I thought you were harmless…
    Look at these eyes on the last pic…

  2. Oh my, I have to go to this sim. I’ve been to Chichen Itza twice in real life, the first time early enough that we were allowed to climb up and down everything. The second time, they’d realized they had better preserve things. Amazing place.

    As always, your blog is wonderful and well written!

  3. Wow Cat, I feel really bitter now for not being able to make it in time. I missed all the action. But hey, this was so brilliantly written I feel like I was there all the time.

    Did I really scold you for smoking?

  4. Suzanne: But yes, we are harmless, it was THE SUN GOD that made us do it!

    Incandenza: Thank you for your kind words and yes Chichen Itza is a fab place, though I have only seen the virtual version

    Tess: I do wish you had been there but it is so hard to know when THE SUN GOD is about to ask for our services…I’ll IM you double quick next time.

  5. I love your adventures. Imagine, I can live a vicarious Second Life. Is that a weird concept or what?

  6. Glad you’re enjoying the blog Veronique! Hope we can catch up inworld sometime soon…

  7. Hey! This is Benton 😀 It was a great pleasure to be sacrified by you all 🙂 Nice post about what happened in Mexico

    Oh! And I completely love about your obsession with SL pianos 🙂 Hope we met again

  8. Hey Benton! You were so cool to go along with our wicked plan 😉

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