Grand Esotericum

Tess took me to the bar/club at Grand Esotericum, located in a fine sim created by Echo Underwood and Phideaux Mayo.

Phideaux described bar sim as a ‘retreat for the Gifted and Lazy’ which sounds good to me, though obviously I can only vouch for the latter gift.


The bar has a down-at-heel ‘jazz age’ feel to it, reminiscent of Martin Ren’s sadly departed Flashmans’ bar. And by sweet coincidence, the talented Mr Ren joined us for a number of rounds of vermouth.


The bar has a number of nice chair poses including this legs-around-back-of-chair look which I fell in love with.


As the drinks rained down my snapshoting narcissism developed a manic edge


There is even a nice chair with a saucy dance animation attached to it, I’ll include a clip of that next time…maybe.

Lovely bar, people, drinks and poses, highly recommended.  Just do a search for ‘Esoterica Commons’ and you’ll be pointed in the rigt direction.


~ by catrin23 on February 27, 2008.

5 Responses to “Grand Esotericum”

  1. You, the hair, the dress, the red tights, the boots, and that chair pose — whew! I’m fannin’ myself!

    Oh, yeah, seems like a cool place. Almost forgot to mention that. 🙂

  2. Don’t worry, Veronique – it’s a reaction Cat gets quite often!

    Lovely post as always, Cat!

  3. You are both toooooo kind 🙂

  4. Hello, I was searching for a “bar” pic from SL to use in a paper I’m writing. Would you mind if I used the first one in this entry? I will gladly cite it. Thanks, Beth

  5. Hi Beth, help yourself! It would be nice to see the paper. Cat xx

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