Alchemical rejuvenation!

Cake and I visited Syncretia for no reason other than it was on my list of places to visit. I had forgotten precisely why it was on the list, which made the trip all the more interesting.

First off we found a panda on which Cake hitched a ride.


We became bored of that quite quickly and headed off in the direction of the green spot on the map.

The green spot turned out to be one Alpha Auer. Alpha showed us her magnificent Alchemical Rejuvenation spheres that could cure us of the curse of old age.

Alpha warned us not to go too far back seeing as SL has an 18+ age restriction and all that.

We hopped into our spheres and readied ourselves for rejuvenation.


“How far back you going?” shouted Cake from her sphere
“Oh, 16 sounds like fun” I replied.

While the rejuvenation rays did their work I serenaded Cake with ‘16 Again‘ by Buzzcocks.

” Feeling like I’m almost sixteen again
Layin’ ’round doing nothing like all my friends
Play it cool don’t get angry count up to ten
Just like I was sixteen again

Everybody gets the lowdown right from the start
Everybody gets the showdown right from the heart
But that’s all that’s on the menu and life’s a la carte
I don’t know”

But then, a sudden thought, ‘do I really want a return to all that tiresome teen-angst? Surely not!’. I flicked the dials and set the juve-machine for the cusp of sweet twenty.


We sat in our spheres for half an hour or so while the years peeled away and slid down the wall. A bell rang, we hopped out and admired our new youthful bodies, I felt fantastic, truly rejuvenated.

To celebrate our new-found youth we amused ourselves in a nearby arcade, only marred by a minor quarrel over who would play Donkey Kong first.


Go visit Syncretia and strip away the years, it beats all that overpriced face cream.


~ by catrin23 on March 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Alchemical rejuvenation!”

  1. Love the panda 🙂

  2. You always know how to pick the best clothes for an adventure, Cat ;.)

  3. @Edward: Yes, nice Panda, has a bite though…
    @Tess: Well I make an effort for my kind and patient readership 😉

  4. hhhh…. just spotted your entry! those spheres work beautifully right?

    well, i have some more news: i have decided to start a health and beauty spa for nekos and furries in particular, but of course anyone is most welcome to come, it is still under construction and the location is straight underneath the power plant. actually there’s a hole in the sidewalk and you can jump straight in… it was such a shame to let all that wholesome water go to waste i thought…

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