Alchemical rejuvenation!

•March 7, 2008 • 4 Comments

Cake and I visited Syncretia for no reason other than it was on my list of places to visit. I had forgotten precisely why it was on the list, which made the trip all the more interesting.

First off we found a panda on which Cake hitched a ride.


We became bored of that quite quickly and headed off in the direction of the green spot on the map.

The green spot turned out to be one Alpha Auer. Alpha showed us her magnificent Alchemical Rejuvenation spheres that could cure us of the curse of old age.

Alpha warned us not to go too far back seeing as SL has an 18+ age restriction and all that.

We hopped into our spheres and readied ourselves for rejuvenation.


“How far back you going?” shouted Cake from her sphere
“Oh, 16 sounds like fun” I replied.

While the rejuvenation rays did their work I serenaded Cake with ‘16 Again‘ by Buzzcocks.

” Feeling like I’m almost sixteen again
Layin’ ’round doing nothing like all my friends
Play it cool don’t get angry count up to ten
Just like I was sixteen again

Everybody gets the lowdown right from the start
Everybody gets the showdown right from the heart
But that’s all that’s on the menu and life’s a la carte
I don’t know”

But then, a sudden thought, ‘do I really want a return to all that tiresome teen-angst? Surely not!’. I flicked the dials and set the juve-machine for the cusp of sweet twenty.


We sat in our spheres for half an hour or so while the years peeled away and slid down the wall. A bell rang, we hopped out and admired our new youthful bodies, I felt fantastic, truly rejuvenated.

To celebrate our new-found youth we amused ourselves in a nearby arcade, only marred by a minor quarrel over who would play Donkey Kong first.


Go visit Syncretia and strip away the years, it beats all that overpriced face cream.


Grand Esotericum

•February 27, 2008 • 5 Comments

Tess took me to the bar/club at Grand Esotericum, located in a fine sim created by Echo Underwood and Phideaux Mayo.

Phideaux described bar sim as a ‘retreat for the Gifted and Lazy’ which sounds good to me, though obviously I can only vouch for the latter gift.


The bar has a down-at-heel ‘jazz age’ feel to it, reminiscent of Martin Ren’s sadly departed Flashmans’ bar. And by sweet coincidence, the talented Mr Ren joined us for a number of rounds of vermouth.


The bar has a number of nice chair poses including this legs-around-back-of-chair look which I fell in love with.


As the drinks rained down my snapshoting narcissism developed a manic edge


There is even a nice chair with a saucy dance animation attached to it, I’ll include a clip of that next time…maybe.

Lovely bar, people, drinks and poses, highly recommended.  Just do a search for ‘Esoterica Commons’ and you’ll be pointed in the rigt direction.

Field of dreams…

•February 25, 2008 • 1 Comment

I wandered back to the field at The Far Away. I do love this build, the colours and textures, objects and surprises lull me into a state of carefree happiness. Odd what a corn field can do…


The surprise of this visit was encountering the builder himself, Mr AM Radio (see Therese’s interview with him). We sat down together and had a slow, relaxed conversation.


AM gave me some sticks to carry on my back.

AM gave me a lovely firefly that hovers over my shoulder.

What a fine chap is this AM, and so stylishly dressed!

Go to field at The Far Away and dream.

Riot Grrrl!!!

•February 21, 2008 • 7 Comments

Catnip is a fabby shop full of wonderful items and accessories and I’m a proud member of the group.

Today, Catnip owner, Akasha Wachmann, sent out a group IM alerting us to a fraudster passing off her handiwork as his own

“Feel like bumrushing a copy thief who has stolen my boots?” were her words.

Well, how could I refuse? I donned my best riot gear and TPd off to the shop of the copyist thief swine.


There was an angry mob of a dozen or so Catnippers along with Akasha and her closest associates, the mood was ugly with shouts of ‘burn baby burn’ and ‘death to the copyists’ echoing around the sim.


Then, to a loud cheer from the crowd, Akasha announced the copied boots had been withdrawn from the shop. We roared our approval and the many Nekos present wagged their tails vigorously.

Akasha then set up a post-riot dance floor and we danced the fandango.


Ah, nothing like a riot in the afternoon to get the old endorphins a hopping, and no cops in sight!

Long live Catnip!!

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse on the road and in the sky

•February 14, 2008 • Leave a Comment

My old friend Gumnosophistai Nurmi invited me along to the latest gig by the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (AOM). I had seen the orchestra late last year and was keen once again to experience their beautifully constructed audio sound sculptures.

The TP supplied by Gum landed me on an oil rig floating adrift in a clear blue sky. On the main deck stood the usual interesting looking AOM performers and audience, though it is always tricky to know exactly who is which (or which is who).

The first set was an experimental number which I missed much of due to finding myself engaged in a number of IMs with the many imaginative looking avies on display.

For the next number we TPed en-masse to the Art Think Box. The set was, apparently, being webcast simultaneously to a Berlin club and we were exhorted to ‘dance for Berlin’.


I paid more attention to the music this time and thoroughly enjoyed what I heard, evoking memories of Cabaret Voltaire and industrial jazz funk (whatever that is).

For the last number we TPed to the Island Youniverse. The orchestra assembled themselves within a technicolor mountain while the audience hovered and danced in the sky.


This was my first experience of sky-dancing and most enjoyable it was too.


3 compositions, 3 venues, 1 orchestra, 1 evening. The AOM have the balance just right, go check them out!

Cafe Moreni

•February 10, 2008 • 2 Comments

The Cafe Moreni in Second Poznan is one my favourite places to sit and chat with friends.

It’s a Polish café and frequented mainly by Poles. It’s intimate, well designed and very friendly. The walls are a pleasing orange that suits my blue skin just perfectly, the vodka is served extremely cold and the pastries are a delight.

I love to sit in one of the comfy seats and watch the steady rise of Polish drifting up like ticker-tape from the chat box. The Polish is often interspersed with the odd English word or phrase, usually along the lines of ‘linden’, ‘freebie’, Last Call’ and ‘Sex Gen’. Ah, our old friends, shopping and fucking. It is nice to see that we are, after all, a united Europe sharing the same needs and desires.


Cake and I turned up there one evening last week and quickly started a conversation with a self-confessed ‘shy Pole’ by the name of Alien Lynagh


Tess joined us for a hot chocolate and showed off her Polish vocabulary.

Café Moreni, a fine café, most certainly worth visiting…oh, and smoking is permitted, joy!!

Sacrifice of the Sun Prince

•February 1, 2008 • 8 Comments

It was Cake’s idea. Well, it was she who teleported me to deepest Mexico in search of dragons, and that is where the events I am about to relate took place.

On arrival in Mexico we encountered a Brazilian vampire who I talked to in Spanish until running out of phrases. He didn’t know of any dragons but did recommend the disco club.

We bid farewell to the vampire and strode onwards and upwards in the direction of the great Aztec temple of Chichen Itza that dominates the sim.

After much huffing and puffing we reached the top of the temple and stopped for a breather.

I looked out to the bright sun, sitting like a huge golden coin in the sky and felt myself transported back to the days before Cortes and his bloodthirsty crew arrived on the scene. Back to the days of Tonatiuh, the Sun god and the uncountable rites enacted on this very monument.

At that same moment a young man, one Benton Hoch, appeared. Benton was wearing a t-shirt with the word Sun emblazoned across his muscular chest (well, in truth it read ‘Sun Microsystems’ but that is a minor detail). I knew immediately that he was THE ONE and Cake and I were the ONES who were meant to DO IT.

I looked at Cake, I could see she also knew.

“Hello Benton I said, “We’ve been waiting you, the time is right for the DEED that must be done”. Benton looked confused.

“The sacrifice” I clarified. “Tonatiuh must be fed, appeased, obeyed. He is asking for you, the Sun Prince”.

Cake unsheathed her hunting knife. “This way Sun Prince, follow us to the sacrificial chamber”

The Sun Prince was in a trance. Bewitched by our presence and the momentous occasion, he followed us without question into the sacrificial chamber and climbed up on to the altar.


I began the invocation and Cake started chanting, the noise echoed through the chamber, louder and louder. Then, as we reached a crescendo of sound, Cake took her knife in both hands, reached behind her head and brought the knife down in one swift, sure movement.

Then silence.


The Sun Prince left this mortal life to join his father in the sky. Tonatiuh was pleased with our labours and his smile reached out across the dusty Mexican plains.

Cake and I shared a cigarette and surveyed our handiwork, a good day’s work completed. At this point Therese turned up and scolded us for having a fag in a non-smoking zone. She had a point.

We stood outside the temple for a group photo, the reincarnated Sun Prince wisely keeping some distance from us (see left of pic)


Minutes later it all felt like a dream. Cake swore blind that she had committed no such slaughter and I protested loudly that I had not broken my one month abstention from ciggies.

The only thing left to do was take another group shot


(with thanks to Benton for being such a good sport!)