Riot Grrrl!!!

Catnip is a fabby shop full of wonderful items and accessories and I’m a proud member of the group.

Today, Catnip owner, Akasha Wachmann, sent out a group IM alerting us to a fraudster passing off her handiwork as his own

“Feel like bumrushing a copy thief who has stolen my boots?” were her words.

Well, how could I refuse? I donned my best riot gear and TPd off to the shop of the copyist thief swine.


There was an angry mob of a dozen or so Catnippers along with Akasha and her closest associates, the mood was ugly with shouts of ‘burn baby burn’ and ‘death to the copyists’ echoing around the sim.


Then, to a loud cheer from the crowd, Akasha announced the copied boots had been withdrawn from the shop. We roared our approval and the many Nekos present wagged their tails vigorously.

Akasha then set up a post-riot dance floor and we danced the fandango.


Ah, nothing like a riot in the afternoon to get the old endorphins a hopping, and no cops in sight!

Long live Catnip!!


~ by catrin23 on February 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Riot Grrrl!!!”

  1. Well done, Cat! But why have I never heard of Catnip before? I followed your link to the mean girls, and – wow!

  2. Catnip rules… I love the spirit of this store !
    I like the Kidney Thief belt.
    I bought a pair of boots for a friend’s birthday some time ago.

  3. Thanks for all your support that day, Im really tired of the thieves and ready to just impale all of them. Its going to take everyone banding together to get this crap stopped, and I was so proud of my Catnippers that day, I love when you guys get in a killing frenzy! ahaha

    Keep fighting the good fight
    *Akasha Wachmann

  4. Well this is very interesting coming from Akasha.Akasha runs a script in her store which rips textures from people’s profile as they walk in and promptly displays them back to you. When my friend called her to talk about it, Akasha refused to meet with her and all she would say was ‘it’s a script’ and ‘lol’ and ‘lmao’ over and over again. Then proceeds to call her partner into the conversation – presumably because she has the ability to put two sentences together, who knows – who then also refuses to acknowledge that it’s an invasion of my friend’s (anyones for that matter) privacy. At no time did my friend give consent to Akasha or anyone to take textures from her and use them for her own purposes. So Kisten’s answers to my friend’s queries amounted to ‘they’re just pixels’, they’re on a database and anyone can copy anything anytime, this game is supposed to be fun and you (my friend) shouldn’t be in SL, and won’t this be great material for a blog. That was their position on stealing a texture from my friend and using it for their own amusement. Also a copyright infringement ladies. I urged my friend to file a DMCA, but she wouldn’t, said they were just kids and that maybe they’d learn something someday from the experience. Well a couple of months have gone by and guess what, they’ve learned it’s not fun to have people stealing from you. It’s not a party when someone takes something from you and uses it without your consent. But how much do you want to bet me she’s still running that script in her store? Still stealing textures from people, invading their privacy, and when someone who doesn’t think everything is a party, questions them about it, says it’s just fun – it’s just pixels, anybody can copy anything they want off the servers. And don’t think for one minute that I can’t get the chat logs to prove it. Along with all the choice words hurled at my friend. Think about it Akasha. Don’t get angry about this post. Just think for one minute about the possibility there was some validity to my friend’s concerns.

  5. Akasha is a stupid small minded person with a huge ego… she declared war on my shop over a “joke” poster i put up outside… hell broke loose and i got verbally abused like never before… if anyone had taken the time to look at my shop they would have seen that all of my things are original and made by me. She picked a fight with the wrong person and she can’t admit that because her ego is so huge…

  6. About the script that shows your profile images? I’m sure by now you have seen them in every store around SL, clubs, they are everywhere. Its simply a greeter script that displays peoples profile pictures. I explained that to that person but I guess they were having a bad day and needed to yell at someone-so be it.
    And Zeeblebob? I do not have a huge ego , if you see me taking offense to your pro-content theft sign as having an ego then you have mental issues. Everyone who saw that sign took offense to it, hence the angry mob that formed outside your shop. Jokes are one thing but encouraging people to steal is a slap in the face to all the hard working content creators out there.

  7. akasha copycat whore

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