Too much to dream…

I had too much to dream last night
Too much to dream
I’m not ready to face the light
I had too much to dream
Last night
Last night

The Electric Prunes (see fab clip on You Tube)

It started with the giant magic mushrooms we found in Wildewood. In the interests of science and general shamanic research, Tess and I helped ourselves to the mystical fungi, and then…


…we found oureselves in Nipponbashi (225/186/27 ) at the grand zombie shoot-out. We armed ourselves with the free rifles on offer and marched off onto the killing floor.


The zombies came on and on and we were both slaughtered in the first round. Tess soon worked out we had to use the rifles in mouselook and had to shoot the buggers at least three times before they keel over. Round two went to the Neko Zombie Hunter girls.


We were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves as we went outside for a breather and a ciggie. This was our great mistake. With our guard down I was ambushed by two of the zombies who proceeded to feast on my innards. Tess practiced a few of her ninja moves on the beasts but it was all too little too late for all her fancy footwork and by the time she reloaded her rifle I was gone to the world.


Happily I was swiftly reincarnated as myself (hurrah!, what good karma!!) and met up with Tess for a number of drinks at the Pirate Bar in Japanese Malibu.

We were joined by a dullard newbie for a while (perhaps he was one of the zombies?) who ended up reciting a ‘joke’ with some racist undertones. I can’t tolerate racists and I told him to fuck off. I then ignited my special black smoke bomb, giving Tess and I cover to TP quickly back to her new pad.


Back at Tess’s place we were joined by one Coko Kass…Suddenly, Tess and I where overwhelmed with tiredness after such a long and strenuous day. Tess suggested a sleepover on her lovely new empress-sized bed. We had a night time hot chocolate and fell asleep.


That night I had this strange dream about some giant magic mushrooms…


~ by catrin23 on April 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Too much to dream…”

  1. It goes on then, round and round? In the words of Alice, I’ll say the evening went from curiouser to curioser, but even though fighting zombies or listening to jokes with bad puns and racist undertones aren’t especially pleasant, I went to bed with a smile on my face …

  2. I thought shooting zombies was most pleasant 🙂

  3. ~giggles~ You have such a way with words, woman. ;=)

  4. Why thank you Arteer! Glad you are enjoying the blog 🙂

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